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Review: Sportsheets Peekaboo Plus Size Harness

[In the featured image for this post, the Sportsheets Plus Size Harness is with the grab bag Tantus Vamp which is a photo I snapped one day for FebPhotoFest2017.]

Full disclosure from the get-go: I have not had a chance to use this harness with a partner in person, but I’m tired of having this go unreviewed. If and when I use this in a partnered scenario, I will happily update the review. Until then, here are my thoughts!

I’d been wanting a strap on harness for a long time so I was thrilled to receive this Sportsheets Harness from Good Vibes. I love that this one is Plus Size specific and I super appreciate that many harness companies have chosen to be more inclusive and have extended sizes. Of course, there will be sizes and brands that will not have fits for all but these do cover a lot of ground. 

For reference, I wear a size 22/24 bottom (which is also the undies size I prefer from Lane Bryant). 

Sportsheets Plus Size Harness-Vibe Pocket

Sportsheets Plus Size Harness with Rocks-Off Bamboo vibe and Tantus Adam O2 (and my artwork).

There is a pocket for a slim bullet vibe in the panel behind the O-Ring. (In the image on the right the bullet vibe is the Rocks-Off Bamboo.) The vibe pocket is about 5.5″ by 1.5″.) This harness does not come with a vibe, but luckily Good Vibrations has a great selection. I would recommend the We-Vibe Tango because it’s nice and rumbly.

For me personally, the way the harness sits in relation to my vulva overall and my clit more specifically, I would get very little out of having a vibe in that pocket. I would need much more direct vibration like using the cordless Magic Wand in such a way on my vulva, perhaps coming from below the harness. Or slipping a vibe into my undies for more direct stimulation.

So, what was it like to wear this Sportsheets Plus Size Harness?

Putting it on seems a little daunting at first. There are several straps, so it can look confusing.

Sportsheets Plus Size Harness

Front of Sportsheets Plus Size Harness with Tantus Adam O2.

Protip:highly recommend putting in your dildo before you step into the harness so there’s a little less futzing around with it once it’s on. In the photo on the left I have the Tantus Adam O2 in the harness.

After that’s done, stepping into the leg straps is fairly simple. (You’ll want two of the straps to end up between your legs.) Then I pull it up to my hips and tighten the straps in the back on both the hips/waist and the legs. They’re pretty easy to loosen and tighten, and it didn’t feel like the straps were in much danger of loosening on their own. 

I have worn the Sportsheets Plus Size Harness a couple of times in an extended use (as opposed to simply trying it on). Once was during a steamy sexting session where I strapped on and was exchanging photos with a partner (eat your heart out). And another time I wore it during an Orgasmic Yoga class as a part of exploring my gender expression.

Each time I’ve worn this harness has been very comfortable and erotic. It doesn’t quite feel like a seamless extension of myself, but that could be down to a couple of reasons, including this harness style and using it very sporadically. And while I never felt any orgasmic, or orgasm adjacent, feelings directly because of the harness, it definitely is a turn on to play with my cock, both visually and mentally. I like that the straps wouldn’t obscure my bits, so if I wanted to, penetrative play, solo or partnered could happen while wearing this harness.

Sportsheets Plus Size Harness

Back of the Sportsheets Plus Size Harness

Specs for the Sportsheets Plus Size Harness

This Sportsheets harness comes with three different O-Ring sizes. If you need a bit more range because you are using narrower or girthier dildos, or you’ve misplaced yours, Good Vibrations carries a 4-pack of O-Rings which includes all the three sizes plus a smaller one (1.25″). 

Specs below are taken directly from the Good Vibes’ listing:

  • Plush purple fabric
  • Nickel free hardware
  • 4-way adjustable straps
  • Size A: Fits up to 60″ hips Size B: Fits up to 72″ hips (The one I have is “Size A.” The corner of the box says it it fits sizes 12 to 30.)
  • Includes 3 interchangeable rubber O-rings: 1.5″ (3.8cm), 1.75″ (4.5cm), 2″ (5cm)
  • Includes pocket for bullet vibrator (Sold separately)
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Machine washable

Currently the Sportsheets Peek-a-boo Plus Size harness is $42 at Good Vibrations and comes in purple. I think this is a great price point for a non-leather, “beginner” harness. It’s easy to care for, won’t break the bank, and is a good bang for your buck. Also it’s not particularly gendered one way or the other, neither frilly and femme nor too “masculine,” so there’s plenty of versatility.

Huge thanks to Good Vibrations for sending me the Sportsheets Plus Size Harness to review! (And thank you for your immeasurable patience!)

If you would like to get the Sportsheets Peek-a-boo Plus Size Harness for yourself, please clear your cookies before clicking through my links so that I get affiliate credit. Be sure to also browse the rest of Good Vibrations’ huge selection of toys and gear, too!

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[I received the Sportsheets Peek-a-boo Plus Size Harness for free in exchange for my unbiased review.]

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