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Review: Tantus Adam O2


You guys, I may have found my new favorite dildo.

I’m no stranger to Tantus’ dual density silicone. I’ve reviewed Cush, Flurry, and Mikey, and absolutely adored the stout girthiness (that’s totally a word, shush) of Mikey. But Adam… With Adam, I can finally wrap my mind around the realism that’s being hinted at with dual density silicone.

Tantus Adam and Mikey ComparisonI interrupt your regularly scheduled dildo review for a brief social commentary…

So this idea around gendered pronouns on toys with proper names has been interesting to roll around in my mind. Mikey… Adam…

They’re toys though, and I staunchly refuse to refer to them with “he.” I just really felt the need to clarify that. I should also say, that Tantus does not refer to them with gendered pronouns, but it’s a concept that can come up in this field.

Also this revelation I had a couple weeks ago as I was trying it out:

So that’s a thing. (Not a bad thing, just a coincidence.) 

In my hand, I am able to feel the subtle textures – the veins and ridges, that run across Adam, but once it’s inside me, covered in lube, thrusting in and out, they’re pretty much imperceptible. This is a great dildo for those wanting to explore toys that are approaching the larger end of the spectrum, a bit above average on the length and girth.

Tantus Adam O2The dual density silicone is markedly different from glossier kinds. Adam has this drag as it’s moving in and out that I find very appealing. The times I started using Adam without much warm up, were lovely. It is on the larger end, but not overwhelmingly so. The curve is subtle and the head is not too pronounced. The more aroused I became, sometimes after an orgasm with my favorite clit vibe, the more my g-spot was engorged, then Adam’s head hooked nicely just past my pubic bone. I wouldn’t say it was enough for any intense g-spot stimulation, but it felt really delicious thrusting in and out.

For some, Adam may not be a good “starter” dildo, if you need something smaller to warm up with first. In that case, I might suggest the Sport or Slow Drive, or even Goddess, though that has a bit more texture.

I almost forgot to mention the Tantus stamp on the base! It is quite useful in “steering.” I like having a mark in the silicone to help me orient the toy in the direction I want it to go.

Specs & Caring for Adam

Adam clocks in at just under 7 inches insertable (full length 7.5″). It has a diameter of 1.5″ (5″ in circumference). It comes in cream, cocoa (the one I have), and black. Of course with its flared base, Adam is safe for butt play and is harness compatible. It’s made of Tantus’ amazing silicone, so you can just wash with warm water and soap. If you want to be more diligent, you can use a 10% bleach solution, or boil it. I have only used Adam with a water based lube. It is compatible with oil based if you like that sort of thing. If you want to test it with silicone, try a bit on the base and if there’s no warping or funny business you’re good to go.

Final thoughts…

Adam has a substantial girth and length that I found filling, but not overwhelming. The drag of the dual density silicone, the squishy outer layer with a firmer core, combined with its curve, really are approaching realism. If I had my way, Adam would come in other colors (bright pink, please!), but that is somewhat superficial of me. I really think that Adam is going to make it into my regular rotation.

At about $114, Adam is a little bit pricey, it’s true, but considering the quality it’s an amazing investment. And Tantus has sales and promotions so often, you might be able to snag it at a decent discount. (I try to add relevant ones at the bottom of my reviews, but if I haven’t, check out my sales and deals page.) Also, they’ve got free shipping on orders over $100. 

Thank you so much to Tantus for sending Adam! It’s my new favorite thing!

If you would like to purchase Adam for yourself, please visit any of the links above. To browse the rest of Tantus‘ excellent store, please click the banner below.

[I received Adam for free in exchange for my honest review.]

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