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Sex Doesn’t Have to End in Orgasm

I have had clients in my coaching practice with concerns around lasting longer in bed. Sometimes the opposite is distressing, too; taking “too long.” Of course orgasms feel delicious. They can be intense. They can last a long time. They...

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Never Negotiate Naked

To kick off my recent sex ed meme frenzy (thanks to Mr. Will!), let’s start with a phrase I tend to say a lot. I’ve been saying Never Negotiate Naked for years now, but I must have picked it up somewhere...

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Top 7 Sexy Holiday Picks (2014)

There are tons of amazing toys out there. There are also really crappy ones. At the end of December I’ll have been reviewing toys for a year! Can you believe it? Time just flies on by. In this past year I’ve...

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Review: Tantus Bound

Tired of smooth, “boring” dildos? Are you not getting the texture you crave? Do other textures feel repetitive and predictable? The Tantus Bound may just be for you! …Is how this post might have gone if this was written in the 1950s....

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Review: Tantus Slow Drive vs. Sport

You want it quick and dirty. You came for the TL;DR and I don’t blame you for a second. Both the Sport and the Slow Drive came out early in 2014. They both look pretty awesome. Both have a long...

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Tantus Leisure Giveaway Winner

What a fun first giveaway! In the end we had 65 people who entered – not bad for my first giveaway! Thank you to all who participated by tweeting, liking, faving, and following photos and all manner of social media!...