L'amourose Toy Cleaning Spray_wm

Review: L’Amourose Toy Cleaning Spray

Is it weird that I’m actually excited to review something that isn’t a toy and doesn’t have to be used on my body? I was looking forward to testing out the L’amourose Toy Cleaning Spray. I rarely use something like toy cleaner and when I did, the only one I had was a foaming one. I tend to opt for simply washing a toy with soap and warm water, because for…

BDSM Pride Flag Painting at the Leather Archives & Museum

Summary of the 2015 CARAS Conference & My First Time in Chicago

Earlier this month I announced my sponsorship by Stockroom for the CARAS conference. I cannot believe that it came and went so quickly! I had such a blast. CARAS is not a huge conference, by any means, but its attendees will spread the word of alternative sexuality research like ripples in a lake to their respective communities. In addition to Stockroom’s sponsorship, I had a lot of help getting to…

Tantus Rocket Dildo

Review: Tantus Rocket

The Tantus Rocket dildo is part of the Space Toys line which, as of this posting, are limited edition (read: lower priced) toys. I got to review the Meteorite plug last year, as a matter of fact. When I received my recent Tantus bundle, I wasn’t super enthused about Rocket. It’s neither girthy, nor long, and it does not have any texture. It just seemed kind of meh. Well, looks…


They Say I Have a Real Neat Blog

I was nominated by DizzyGirl of Toy Meets Girl for the Real Neat Blog Award. This totally surprised me. Despite the active online sex education/sex toy blogger community online, it is very easy to feel isolated in this work. I put a lot of time and energy into making Sexologist Vixenne be as awesome as it can be, so this really means a lot. 1. What was the reason you decided to start…

Tantus Adam Dual Density O2

Review: Tantus Adam O2

You guys, I may have found my new favorite dildo. I’m no stranger to Tantus’ dual density silicone. I’ve reviewed Cush, Flurry, and Mikey, and absolutely adored the stout girthiness (that’s totally a word, shush) of Mikey. But Adam… With Adam, I can finally wrap my mind around the realism that’s being hinted at with dual density silicone. I interrupt your regularly scheduled dildo review for a brief social commentary… So…

Stockroom-Sexologist Vixenne Sponsorship for CARAS_blog post

Sexologist Vixenne Pairs with Stockroom!

I am so thrilled and pleased to FINALLY be announcing that the Stockroom is sponsoring a portion of my upcoming trip to the CARAS (Community Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities) Conference in Chicago later in the month! I’d been to the last CARAS conference in San Francisco in 2013 and had such an enlightening experience. A whole conference on the research of kink and nonmonogamy! One small, but eye-opening tidbit I remember from…

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What it was like to receive a series of Sexological Bodywork sessions

One of the great things having been through the Sexological Bodywork training and setting up my own (small) practice in Los Angeles, is I get to be a resource for folks who are going through the training themselves. I have a pretty good sense of people who work in the field. That, along with the resource of the ACSB practitioner directory, I can link people up if they don’t live near…

Tantus Tsunami Vibrating Dildo

Review: Tantus Tsunami

If there’s one thing that annoys me when I’m doing reviews (only one, Victoria? Please, go on.) is when I’m ambivalent about a toy. It’s so much easier to write reviews when I absolutely adore a product or hate an item with the fire of a thousand suns. Such is the case with the Tantus Tsunami Vibrating Dildo sent to me from PeepShow Toys. I don’t love it and I don’t…

What to review next - Tantus

What should my next review be?

UPDATE 5/7/15:  I just reviewed Adam. Check it out and let me know what you think! If you haven’t voted in this little survey, please do! *** I’ve been pretty lazy with my reviews of late. That is about to change. I have two that I am in the midst of, but after that I have four toys I just received. Tantus sent me a fabulous haul and it occurred to me…

HedoVibes #85

HedoVibes Round Up #85

Photo courtesy of Carnal Queen Welcome to HedoVibes, a collection of reviews and giveaways that were posted in the past week or so from around the web. This is a collection of adult product reviews & contests from real reviewers. If you want to be included in the next edition start with the guidelines, then use the submission form. Want to read more reviews? Check out HedoVibes for a list…