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Review: Cush O2

Tantus Cush O2

Where to begin?

Let’s start with the fact that reviewing isn’t easy. It’s fun, don’t get me wrong. But this isn’t just about wanking and then getting back to whatever else. I take notes. Sometimes I live tweet. (TMI? Maybe. I don’t do it that often.) Before trying it, I’d seen some reviews on the Cush and at least one friend told me I’d love it. Maybe that was too much pressure. Or maybe it’s because it wasn’t the first toy I tried out of the bounty Tantus sent me. (The Cush O2 was actually the third Dual Density O2 silicone toy I tried.) Or maybe it’s just ’cause bodies are the way they are and we all have different preferences.

My Experience

The first thing about Cush is it’s on the girthier end of the spectrum. Especially when compared with the Flurry. And it’s long. But these aren’t bad things. Because of its thickness, it was a bit more challenging to grip the base for thrusting as a tiny bit of the lip is lost to the extra girth (you can kind of see that in the photo below). The ridges are interesting. They’re more spaced out as compared to the Flurry, so for me they weren’t quite as intense. I would be curious to try a hybrid of the two. A dildo with the length and girth of the Cush but with the ridges closer together like the Flurry.

Tantus Dildos Cush and Flurry

Side by side comparison of Flurry and Cush (r).

The Cush O2 is a great toy. As with everything that Tantus does it’s really high quality. Their toys are designed to be used. The Dual Density silicone feels delicious and pretty realistic. It’s soft and quite firm at the same time. I had to exert a lot of thumb pressure to be able to show the squishiness of the tip.

Tantus Cush O2


But if I had to choose, I would pick the Flurry over the Cush.


The Cush is 1.75″ in diameter; it has a total length of 7″ making it 6.5″ insertable. Mine is ice blue, but it also comes in twilight purple and candy pink. It is kind of a lint magnet so you may consider keeping the box it comes in or storing it in a plastic zip bag. Or don’t even worry because it’s easy enough to wash. For clean up, I just use soap and warm water and let it air dry, but since it’s high quality silicone it is dishwasher safe (if you’re lucky enough to have one), boilable, or you can do a 10% bleach solution if you’re extra serious about it. The flared base of the Cush makes it anal safe as well as harness compatible. Because it’s silicone, I’d recommend using a water-based lube with this toy.

Tantus Cush O2

360 degree view of the Cush and flipped

MAJOR thanks to Tantus for the opportunity to test out their beautiful toys! I am forever grateful!

If you would like to purchase your very own Cush, please click through the links above. To browse the rest of Tantus’ great selection, I invite you to click the banner below and use my code to save!

 [The Cush O2 was sent to me (along with other Tantus items) in exchange for my unbiased review.]

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