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Review: The New & Improved We-Vibe Touch

Original We-Vibe Tango and New We-Vibe Touch Comparison

Touch and Tango Comparison

I have had my We-Vibe Tango for over three years now. I won it in a raffle at the first ever sexuality conference I attended and it is still as strong as ever and in great shape. It has been my favorite (small) vibrator and I tell anyone I can how much I love it. They recently revamped the Tango, gave it some cool new features like a low-battery light warning and some gorgeous new, vibrant colors. *Drool*

Tl;Dr? I’m in love with both the We-Vibe Tango and the New We-Vibe Touch. Go get one!


There was also the sister vibe to the Tango; the We-Vibe Touch. It never really appealed to me. Nay, it never spoke to me in its early incarnation because it was that shiny, slick silicone. Silicone toys are amazing. They clean up easily and all that, of course. But I wasn’t inspired. And I already had my We-Vibe Tango that I was so in love with. So there was no need for me to investigate further.

But then the folks at We-Vibe went and flipped the script on me. They had a table at CatalystCon East this past March and were holding a tweeting raffle/giveaway. I knew I wanted in, but I had no idea what I wanted if I won. And that was after picking up both toys, turning them on, and cycling through their settings. Which would I choose? The beautiful bright pink or deep periwinkle of the new Tango? Or the new matte silicone Touch? Ahhh! Too much pressure! I wish I could have all the things! Eventually, I went with the one that was totally new to me…. I chose the new We-Vibe Touch! The only “downside” is that it currently only comes in purple. It is a nice purple, though.

My Experience

I didn’t try out the Touch until I got home. I have a terrible habit of not fully unpacking after my trips. I’ll keep going back to my suitcase for things I need, one at a time. I think one day I decided to just try it out rather than using my Tango. (This was a couple weeks after the conference, too.) I knew I wanted to review it at some point, but since it wasn’t given to me specifically for review, there was no imminent deadline over my head.

If I recall correctly, I tweeted that after using the Touch in the shower. I don’t usually take my vibrators into the shower even when they are waterproof or resistant. It’s just not something I generally do. I was called to it in this instance. Gee whiz, what a device! The following morning, I had to let everyone know about my new love in case they missed it from the night before.

There is a good range of vibrations on the We-Vibe Touch. The ones on the lower end are quite nice, gentle (to me), and rumbly but still engaging and go all the way up to a very strong, buzzy vibration. There are also some patterns, most of which don’t do much for me, personally. I do like the “tease” pattern because it goes through the whole range of vibrations up and down and repeats. The rest don’t get much use from me, I’m afraid. My vulva seems to enjoy steady vibrations for the most part.

How do I use the We-Vibe Touch? Honestly, I get one of my favorite water-based lubes and just go for it. (Because the We-Vibe Touch is silicone you should stick to water-based.) I have mainly spent time using the Touch clitorally. The gently pointed tip provides pinpoint accuracy while the fuller body manages to access the inner workings of the clitoris and vulva. Have you seen the internal clitoris as drawn by Betty Dodson? It’s worth a view whether you’ve seen it before or not.

This vibrator stimulates the underlying structures so well. It may not be the most obvious experience. The subtlety of the Touch’s form, elegant and simple, makes for a huge surprise when experiencing the power packed into this small vibe.  Vibrations sometimes are dulled in silicone covered toys. This is not the case with the Touch. But don’t be afraid to get a little creative. You can use the Touch just about anywhere on the body, as long it is not inserted anally (the lack of a flared base makes this a less than stellar idea), enjoy! Try it on the frenulum, along the shaft of the penis, on the nipples…just about anywhere that you think might feel delicious!

We-Vibe Touch


The We-Vibe Touch (and the Tango for that matter) is controlled by one all-powerful button. In other toys the one button control might annoy me, but I’m so utterly in love with the We-Vibe Touch that it’s not an issue at all. Also, it remembers where you left it when you turned it off (hold for a few seconds). There are eight settings: four steady with increasing intensity and 4 patterns. It isn’t completely silent (what is? really?) but it’s dang close.

It is super easy to clean. I just use soap and water. No need to worry with getting the Touch wet; it’s waterproof. Unlike other silicone toys, you cannot boil this one or stick it in the dishwasher because it is a vibrator and you will destroy the insides. Common sense, y’all. You can probably use some anti-bacterial toy cleaner as an added measure for cleaning if you choose to. Unlike the original shiny silicone (also found in the early We-Vibe 2 and 3), the matte version isn’t nearly as much of a magnet for lint and dust. A huge pro, if you ask me. Oh, and it comes with a small satin-y drawstring bag for storage. Perfect for travel!

The We-Vibe Touch is a pretty compact toy. Its dimensions are 3.9″ in length x 1.8″ wide x 1.3″thick.

It charges with a USB charger. It can easily plug into most computers (cool!) or other USB/AC adapters, like those for the iPhone, for example. And from my understanding it only takes 90 minutes to charge fully and should last for up to two hours of continuous play.

The New and Improved We-Vibe Touch USB Charger.

The We-Vibe Touch USB Charger.


the New and Improved We-Vibe Touch Packaging

The new We-Vibe Touch packaging.

If you’re interested in purchasing a We-Vibe Tango or Touch of your own, please visit the links above. Or if you’re lazy like I am, here are the links again:

New and improved Tango from Good VibrationsSheVibe, and Peepshow Toys

New and improved Touch from Good VibrationsSheVibe, and Peepshow Toys

Peepshow Toys VIXEN Coupon


Here are some specific We-Vibe sales with two of my affiliates!

SheVibe we-vibe_summer_sale


We-Vibe Sale at Peepshow Toys

[I won the We-Vibe Touch in a giveaway but, as always, I give my honest opinions when I review.]

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