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Expressing in Purple

FebPhotoFest2017-27I have been hosting consistent Orgasmic Yoga circles since November 2015. I think it was in June at one of my circles, maybe my Sacramento one, that I wanted to start to tap into my gender expression.

This has been an ongoing process for me in relation to the ideas of queerness, identifying as queer, expression, and how I feel about all that. Last night at an Orgasmic Yoga circle, I decided to bring my strap on and just see how it felt to wear that in a public erotic space. I’d never done it before, believe it or not. A slew of feelings came up for me, but mainly, I felt grateful for a space to just do this small action to explore and expand my eroticism and identities and just be.

This is my 27th entry in February Photo Fest 2017! Click the image below to check out the other bloggers who are also taking part in this challenge.

Febraury Photofest

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