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Review: Tantus Neo Plug

Real talk, peeps. I received the Neo plug way back in March 2015 with several other Tantus toys. And despite requesting the Neo for review, and lusting after this silky silicone dream since well before I was a reviewer, I avoided the H-E-L-L out of it. If you’ve been following my anal adventures over the last year or so, you know that playing with butt toys is a little challenging for me. Voluptuous belly, reach being challenging, and not being practiced, have not made butt play a priority. In theory, however, I was ready to get down.

Tantus Neo and Perfect PlugsWell, this time I got smart. I had butt plug success somewhat recently when I reviewed the Tantus Perfect Plug – it’s called Perfect for a reason, y’all. Now, clearly there is quite a discrepancy in the sizes of the Perfect Plug to the Neo, but I was really approaching it from a warming up stand point. And I’m glad I did. Using the Perfect Plug was just a way to get my ass woken up, readying it for Neo.

Neo isn’t the largest butt plug ever, but if you are not super practiced in anal play, it can seem insurmountable. You’ll want to go slow, breathe, and take it easy on yourself. Never force it. (You may want to read this post I wrote about butt play 101.) And don’t forget the lube! I love Sliquid Sassy! It’s intended for anal, so it’s water-based, but cushion-y and gel-like.

I adore the tapered tip of Neo. It makes sliding it in pretty darn easy. It’s gradual enough to not be painful or overwhelming, but it doesn’t take forever to get to the widest part of the plug. When I did get the largest width of Neo, I felt very accomplished. I could almost laugh or cry because I never really expected to be able to get a plug in on my own anytime soon. So that was pretty amazing for me. I decided to just keep it in a bit and savor the very full feeling I was having. Delightful.

Tantus Neo and Perfect Plugs basesI figured that I may as well try to have an orgasm, so I was playing around with a vibrator I’m in the midst of reviewing. Sort of teasing my clit and my vaginal opening. All lovely, but not enough of the right kind of vibration that I craved at the time. So I switched to my trusty We-Vibe Touch, breathed a bit, and really paid more attention (mentally) to my ass than I have in ages. Then, the moment of truth. I had an orgasm, which was delicious as ever, but I was pleased to note that unlike other plugs in the past, Neo did not shoot out of my ass. (Always hilarious, but not something I like.) And because Neo was still comfortably and firmly inside my ass, I decided to keep it there a little longer. I washed up a little and proceeded to go about other tasks, computer stuff, mainly, so I had to be sitting.

P.S. It’s amusing to have to interact with people while wearing a butt plug.

P.P.S. The base is slightly curved like an anchor and is super comfy.

Color, Material, Size, and Caring for your Neo Plug

Tantus Neo Butt Plug The Tantus Neo comes in black and purple. It is made of Tantus’ satin-y silicone which is totally body safe, super easy to clean and take care of. You can simply wash Neo with warm water and soap, boil it, stick in the top rack of the dishwasher, use a 10% bleach solution, or use toy cleaner. Be sure to get the Tantus logo, which may trap some lube and gunk.

Neo is 4¾ inches total and about 4 inches insertable. It’s 4½ in. in circumference at its widest point (about 1.4 inches in diameter). The base is about 3 inches long.

A note on lube: Of course there is still debate on whether silicone lube can be used with silicone toys. Sometimes this is okay if both are high grade products. Usually, I would say spot test silicone lube on the base and keeping an eye on it for warping or melting, however the description on Tantus’ site actually says “not recommended with Silicone Lube.” Keep that in mind. I just stuck with using Sliquid Sassy, as mentioned above.

Currently ringing in at $41.74, Neo is decently priced. It’s amazing silicone, so it will last forever. It’s a fantastic investment whether you’re a butt play beginner or a bit more advanced. And Tantus often has sales and promotions which I update regularly on my sales and deals page or update to the specific review when relevant.

Big thank yous to Tantus for sending me the Neo plug to review! So much gratitude for the amazing products you put out! 

If you’d like to buy a Neo plug of your very own, I invite you to clear your cookies and use any of the links above. To browse the rest of Tantus’ mindbogglingly amazing store, please click the banner below.

[I received the Tantus Neo for free in exchange for my honest review.]

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