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Review: Tantus Anaconda Handle


Cue that line from Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Baby Got Back.

Or Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda.

And this amazing comic/meme. I can’t even remember how I stumbled across it, but it is so perfect. I’m glad I found the original posting.

Tantus Anaconda and EchoOkay, time to get serious about this beast of a dildo.

I love this concept of dildos with handles. At the beginning of the year I posted a review of the Echo. They make a great alternative to other insertables that have a flat base (often they can be used in strap-on harnesses). The handle is great for thrusting solo or with a partner. And, while it probably doesn’t solve the problem of reach or grip for everyone, I think the handles are very welcome. The Tantus Anaconda is a fantastic handle dildo.

In the comparative photo on the right, I want to point out a few things. Both Echo and Anaconda are made of Tantus’ amazing silicone, but Echo is glossy. Anaconda’s tip is glossy, and the rest is matte. But it’s not a buttery matte like the new We-Vibe Touch.

In use, Anaconda is very friction-y. It’s a grabby feeling. I found that I needed a lot of lube. I tried with a more gel-like water based lube, which was fine, but a bit too tacky. Tantus Anaconda and VampUltimately, Sliquid Silk hybrid lube worked best for me.

It is on the large side, so Anaconda is not for the faint of heart…or, orifice. Warming up a little before getting around to introducing Anaconda, was more helpful than I want to admit. Oh right, my eyes are more ready than my vag. When I didn’t warm up (and when I was stingy about my lube), it kind of hurt a little after I orgasmed around Anaconda because I clamped down around it. Not pleasant, to say the least.

In another test drive with Anaconda, I decided to start off with a vibe and then my Vamp. As you can (hopefully) see, these dildos are very similar in size and shape. The main difference, aside from handle vs. flat base, is the matte vs. glossy texture.

Tantus Anaconda front and backThe Anaconda is solid. It is much more bendy in the handle than the shaft/insertable part. It is lightly textured with some “veins” and grooves below the head. I particularly like the visual aesthetic on the frenulum (the back/underside of the tip).

This might not be a beginner’s toy. Use your best judgment.

I wouldn’t really advise using Anaconda for anal play, because without a base, without a trace. Just be smart about what you’re sticking into your butt. The vagina is cul-de-sac, but the ass is a highway.

Color, Material, Size, and Caring for your Anaconda

Colors don’t always photograph the same, and the way we perceive colors varies across the board. Mine is the Twilight Anaconda. To me, it looks more grape (deeper purple) in person than the slightly more blue photo depicted on Tantus’ site. Anaconda also comes in Strawberry and Black.

It is made of Tantus’ high quality silicone, so you can care for it just about anyway you wish. I tend to just wash it with soap and warm water, but it can be boiled (if you have a pot that large!), put in the top rack of a dishwasher, spritzed with a 10% bleach solution (and then washed with soap & water). This kind of silicone was surprisingly a lint magnet, but give it a rinse before use, store it in a gallon size Ziploc bag, and it’s not that big of a deal.

Let’s talk specs: The Anaconda handle dildo is 7 inches insertable length, 11.25″ total. It is 5.75″ in circumference, or about 1.75″ in diameter. The handle is about 3.75″ in circumference. [Compare to the Echo handle: 1.5″ diameter or ~4.71″ in circumference; insertable length of 7″. The total length from end to end is about 11.5 inches.]

As of this posting, Tantus lists the Anaconda at $66.35. It might be a tad pricey, but it is a solid, sturdy dildo. If you’re looking for a matte silicone, thick dildo with a handle you should definitely grab one of these bad mofos.

Thank you, Tantus, for sending me the Anaconda to try out! And thank you for creating handle dildos! (More please!)

To get an Anaconda of your very own, please click through the links above. To browse the rest of Tantus’ amazing selection of body-safe toys and implements, please click the banner below!

[I received the Tantus Anaconda for free in exchange for my honest review.]

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