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Review: Tantus Echo Handle

My Echo Handle is a grab bag toy and it has the prettiest colors ever. (At least I think so.) If you don’t already know, Tantus has a collection of grab bag toys. These are some of the same toys that a lot of people love, made of the same quality silicone material, and they are often significantly cheaper than their “original” counterparts. What’s the catch? The color is a surprise! For some people choosing the color of their sex toys is super important, but if it isn’t a huge deciding factor for you, this is a great option. The grab bag items often will end up being a mix, swirl, or combo of colors, so they won’t look exactly the same from toy to toy.

A Dildo with a Handle

EchoHandle vs Goddess

Trying to capture the different textures of the Echo Handle (pink) and the original Goddess (purple).

Tantus currently has several handle dildos: Goddess, Anaconda, and Echo. Goddess and Echo both have handle-less counterparts which are hollowed out for a bullet vibe. Obviously (or maybe not), the handle versions won’t vibrate and they will not be harness compatible.

When I first saw the Echo Handle in person, I couldn’t help but think, Holy Crap this is HUGE. Then I mentally checked myself as I remembered that only part of it is meant for insertion.

What is it like to use the Echo Handle?

Echo isn’t curved, and while the silicone is fairly flexible, it has its limits. As a person of size with a voluptuous tummy, reach is sometimes a problem with certain sex toys. Sometimes there are toys –  vibrators or dildos, doesn’t matter – that would be so great if only they were just a couple of inches longer. That was not an issue with the Echo Handle. Echo is textured. I would say it’s a little more assertive than Goddess, but it is still not too overwhelming. Certainly, it might take some warming up, going slowly, and getting used to if you aren’t familiar with textured insertables, but with patience and plenty of water-based lube this should work for you.

I really enjoyed using the Echo Handle. It has a pleasant girth that is just right (neither too slim, nor too thick) and in terms of the insertable length, I was able to take most of it. The handle itself was a bit longer than my palm’s width. The added length of the handle and the flexibility of the silicone made for easier, somewhat more ergonomic thrusting. It makes sense: gripping a handle versus maneuvering the flat base of a harness compatible dildo will be a bit more manageable. On the flip side, it would be even easier in a partnered interaction such that one person takes the reins, or the handle in this case, while the other person lays back to enjoy or do whatever.

EchoHandle-gb_wmUsing the Echo Handle on my own (along with my favorite clitoral vibe) led to some really delicious, deep orgasms. I’m no texture newbie and I found that after using Echo for a few minutes I kind of became rabid, hungry for more. That’s a fun experience. All I can do is feel. Following an orgasm that engulfs me completely, I would stop using the vibe on my clit and just thrust for a couple of minutes for all I was worth. This is really a total body workout. Win-win.

To test out the theory of partnered interaction being a bit easier, I brought the Echo Handle to a Sexological Bodywork session I was receiving. I’d never brought a toy to a session before, but it ended up being a great exercise in communication. I didn’t have an orgasm in that scenario (I didn’t have any clitoral stimulation going on), but it was wonderful to feel that I kind of both lost myself and found myself in delicious overwhelming pleasure as my G-spot received a lot of attention.


The Echo Handle is 1.5 inches in diameter which is about 4.71″ in circumference and has an insertable length of 7″. The total length from end to end is about 11.5 inches. The handle version is slightly slimmer and slightly longer (still only talking about insertable) than the original Echo (1.55″ in diameter and 6.5″ insertable). It is made of Tantus’ high quality silicone, so you can care for it just about anyway you wish. I mostly wash it with soap and warm water, but it can be boiled (if you have a pot that large!), put in the top rack of a dishwasher, spritzed with a 10% bleach solution (and then washed with soap & water). This kind of silicone was a bit of a lint magnet, but give it a rinse before use, store it in a gallon Ziploc bag, and it’s not that big of a deal.

I would love to see more handle dildos to be quite honest. There is a lot of room for that niche of toys.

Thank you, Tantus for sending me the Echo Handle to review!

You’re welcome to click through any of the links above to get an Echo Handle (or other items I mentioned). To browse the rest of Tantus‘ wonderful shop, please click the banner below.


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[I received the Echo Handle for free in exchange for my unbiased review.]

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