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Sexological Bodywork/Coaching

I bring my background and training as a sexologist and sexological bodyworker to facilitate sex coaching and education with individuals, couples, and groups. This takes shape as both talk-only coaching/education as well as hands-on work in the form of Sexological Bodywork.

To really simplify, there are two streams of Sexological Bodywork. One that is more about “healing” (or moving through sexual concerns), while the other focuses more on exploring potential for pleasure. At this time, I find my passion is working in facilitating the exploration and expansion of discovering one’s erotic possibilities.

I am open to working with people of all genders, orientations, and expressions. I am queer friendly, fat friendly, kink and poly affirming.

My first session with a client is almost exclusively talk-only. At most we might get around to do some breathwork together, but it will probably not be hands-on. The initial session is to establish an intention for future work and to see whether we would be a good fit.

sb-costSome of the work we might do together could include:

  • Sensation and pleasure mapping (of the body as a whole and of the genitals);
  • Masturbation witnessing and coaching;
  • Scar Tissue Remediation with castor oil.

Ultimately, I am here to support your journey toward erotic embodiment and expansion. Session length includes checking in, chatting before and after the session. My work space is in North East Los Angeles, but if you are looking for a bodyworker elsewhere please visit the ACSB practitioner directory.

Please contact me if you are interested or want to know more at

I also facilitate Orgasmic Yoga. This can be done with as few as five people and up to 25 (and beyond!). Scope out my calendar to see when I’m doing those. Do you have a space or a group you’d like to do this with? E-mail me and we can set something up!

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