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Lingerie Review: The “Shawna”

At the end of December 2016, when I was coming up with New Year’s intentions and things to do for my 30th birthday (and throughout the year), I wrote up a Facebook post asking for suggestions. One idea from a friend was to get some birthday lingerie for myself. It just so happens, I am also friends with one of the few exclusively plus-size lingerie retailers in California…or maybe anywhere, Chrystal Bougon of Curvy Girl Lingerie.

Chrystal and I chatted about sizing for a while back and forth. I tried my best to give her an idea of my body size and clothing sizes I wear, but it’s a very difficult thing to relay virtually. This is probably the biggest challenge in terms of shopping for clothes, especially lingerie online, and that is compounded if you are “plus size.”

Chrystal suggested the Shawna and Saucye to me, but ultimately allowed me to choose two pieces that I wanted. I was a little resistant to the idea of the Shawna at first, I think because I tend to gravitate toward more flow-y pieces when I consider lingerie. But, after browsing the Curvy Girl website, I decided to go with Chrystal’s suggestions. (I will be reviewing Saucye separately.)

Shawna boxWhen I unboxed the Shawna, I was a little befuddled. I had no idea how that tiny thing was going to fit me. (I’m being a little hyperbolic.) The first time I tried the Shawna on, I went for the over-the-head approach. I do not recommend this. It was a huge effort. By the end, I was sweating and out of breath because it had gotten caught in my bra somehow and I was trying to untangle myself. It was a mess. It wasn’t cute. So, learn from my mistakes. Go in feet first and pull it over your hips, belly, and bosom. I enjoyed how I felt, however, once I got it on. I decided I would wear it to an upcoming kink event/play party I was attending. 

Closeup of Shawna

Close up of the Shawna. Note the shiny thread.

It ended up being great! I chose to wear a bra and panties with it. I got some compliments from fellow fat babes and others which felt awesome, and to top it off, I felt super sexy in it. It was comfy to wear (I wore it for 5-6 hours or so), stayed put for the most part, didn’t ride up my thighs much aside from when I sat down.

The shiny thread was a little itchy, but I got used to it. At the end of the party, I ended up just rolling the dress up to my waist and throwing on some leggings so I could comfortably drive home (and not stick to my seats). At some point, I hope to wear the Shawna with my regular “vanilla” clothes just to sort of spice it up for myself. 

I also didn’t notice the shiny thread until after I put it on, but that’s probably because I’m oblivious. It’s not super visible in my still photos, so I compiled a little gif and took a snap of the material up close. 

The stretchy fabric bounced back very quickly after I wore it and holds its original shape well. 

For what it’s worth, I am not a professional model and I took my photos with a timer on my iPhone. Photos are minimally edited, mostly for brightness, not for aesthetics. I have fat rolls and cellulite and it’s awesome. You don’t have to like it, but then you can move right on along.

Shawna Front ViewFor reference, here are some details about me: 

  • I’m about 5-foot-one.
  • I wear a 44H bra (Lane Bryant’s Cacique full coverage bra like this one).
  • I wear an 18/20 full brief panties usually. Sometimes a 22/24 depending on the material/style.
  • My measurements are:
    • Bust: 58″
    • Waist: 56″
    • Hip: ~62″

Things to note about Curvy Girl Lingerie:

  • They have a physical store in San Jose, CA. 
  • They do not issue refunds, but will do exchanges until you are happy with your purchase. 
  • They are committed to offering real images of the products on bodies other than just mainstream models. Where they can, they depict the lingerie on their customers. 
  • Their sizes run from a 12 to 6x in some cases.

As of this posting, the Shawna is on sale at $32 (usually it is $38). Curvy Girl Lingerie is also offering a 10% discount off your purchase by entering code: curvy10 at checkout. 

Side View:

Shawna SideView

Gif of the back (you can kind of see the shimmer):



Full disclosure: I received the Shawna for free in exchange for my unbiased review. I am not an affiliate of Curvy Girl.

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