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The Pre-Birthday #OrgasmicYoga Challenge: Day 2

January 2, 2017

Tonight’s Orgasmic Yoga practice was very fulfilling. I started a bit before the actual 30 minutes. I showered and did a hair treatment which took some time. Once I got to the main part of the practice, I decided to use a playlist since it helps me with pacing and staying present. 

I spent time dancing and playing with a scarf I like. I danced with no agenda, just feeling the music and moving. Eventually I sat down and spent time breathing into a heart connection. One hand on my heart and the other moved up over each of my chakras. I got a little distracted and had to bring myself back a few times. 

After this, I spent time with a vibrator. I half thought it was going to die on me since the battery was in need of charging, but I got lucky. I continued to pay attention to my breath and do kegels. I decided to switch up my position and got onto my knees which allowed me to naturally rock my hips slightly. At some point I noticed my mouth was open. I made sure to continue with some kegels and after a little bit I tried focusing on just pushing out gently. 

I made sure to spend five minutes on silent savoring after my playlist ended. I sent thanks and apologies to my knees because I strained them a little in the kneeling position.

When I got up afterward, I felt awake and alert and a bit floaty. I also felt grateful for this practice. 


If you have any encouraging things to say to help me stay motivated, or suggestions of intentions to focus on, please let me know in the comments!

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