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Masturbation May: A Daily Orgasmic Yoga Practice for a Month

I have had a steady Orgasmic Yoga practice since November 2015. Once a month, and (for a time) once a week for Six Weeks, I’ve facilitated an Orgasmic Yoga circle. The circles have varied a little bit. Some were larger than others. Each time, there has been a blend of familiar faces, friends, and some people who were new to the practice. 

Six months of a consistent, communal practice of mindful masturbation. That just hit me as I wrote it. That’s a long time. It’s been profound. I’ve experienced a variety of emotions along the way. From practice to practice, the two intentions I tend to keep in mind are breath paired with movement, and taking my time. We have forty-five minutes in the of OY. There’s no reason to rush. It’s great to take the scenic route and give myself the chance to touch myself from head to toe and everywhere in between. Eventually I do get to incorporate touching my bits, but it doesn’t have to be the first thing I go for. 

In honor of Masturbation May, I have decided to take upon myself a daily Orgasmic Yoga practice. Now, to be totally transparent, I’ve never done one this long. At most I’ve done two, maybe three weeks. Certainly, there is a vast difference between solo-OY and communal-OY. The energy, the accountability is no where near the same. I have to let go of that. I need to give myself permission to skip a day and not hold the old stories of “I messed up.” I have no idea how this all will go, but I am looking forward to it.

Do you have plans to celebrate Masturbation Month? If you’d like to, share it in the comments below.

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