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Review: Crash Pad Series Episode 100: Jiz Lee and Nina Hartley

CrashPadSeries Episode 100NH
How do I convey to you the hottest, queer porn scene I’ve seen to date? The fact that both of these performers are Pretty Big Deals and they are super cool, down-to-earth people just makes it that much better

(Not to be a name dropper, but I’ve met Nina Hartley several times in person, gone to a class of hers and she’s just lovely. So sweet. I have yet to meet Jiz Lee in person, but the interactions I have had with them are awesome.)

Now, how to review Episode 100 of Crash Pad without giving away too many spoilers? 

CrashPadSeries Episode 100JL2So, this episode came out several years ago back in 2011! The scene itself is HAWT. The behind-the-scenes is brilliant! It takes us through a very brief porn history with Nina Hartley talking about her experience in over 27 years of shooting porn. The behind-the-scenes also beautifully acknowledges Nina’s usage of Jiz’s pronoun preference (they/them). I simultaneously teared up and cheered at that. 

For me, Episode 100 seems to occupy this fascinating, scintillating, dynamic space of kink, power exchange, queerness, fantasy, eroticism…. There may be more but I’m drawing a blank.

Again, I don’t want to give away too much. But I love things that make me examine how I would feel in a similar situation. A “female presenting person” who is doing the Topping in the scene (Nina Hartley) being called “Sir.” First of all, that is so cool. Secondly, I love that it fucks with gender right away. Thirdly, it makes me wonder for myself when I am playing in a Topspace how would I feel being called “Sir?” Would I take that on and own it? There’s no right answer; but the gold is in the examining of it. What comes authentically from there is what works for you (or me).

CrashPadSeries Episode 100 NH-JL4Fuck gender norms. Fuck what bodies are supposed to look like. Fuck this idea that because a body seems to appear a certain way that it is man or woman. Fuck yes to porn where the performers actually are enjoying themselves and want to be there and want to be having the sex they choose with the partners they choose. 

This episode of the Crash Pad Series gave me ideas for potential scenes I want to try with a partner some day or even just to keep in my fantasy bank. 

Possibly the hottest squirting scene.

Possibly the best line in porn ended this scene: “You are just a horny critter.”

Other things to note about Crash Pad: 

There’s a very useful favorites option. Bookmark episodes you want to watch, filter them by type of sex (anal, BDSM, strap-on, etc.), and search by keyword or performer in the search box. You get to save all those videos in one place so you can keep track of your favorite scenes!

Big thanks to the folks at Crash Pad for letting me review their work! I love what you do and I can’t wait to review more!

If you need hot queer, ethical, feminist porn in your life including this episode and many others – and you really do – click the links in this review or the banner below. Seriously, buy the porn. Support the performers.


[I received a one month subscription to Crash Pad for free in exchange for my honest review.]

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