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Review: Good Clean Love Almost Naked Lube

Lube is everything. I believe it is an often overlooked toy box staple. It makes both solo and partnered sex feel ah-mazing. Lube is great to include during toy usage. Lots of people have favorites and are devoted to a certain brand or other. I’ve gone through stages of sticking with a particular brand over another, but for the most part, I’ve been a devoted Sliquid user for a few years now. I’d heard of Good Clean Love off and on for a while, but I’d not had any personal experience with their lube until I was contacted by them back in June.

Lube Drip TestI’m finding it a little challenging to write a review for lube. (This is my first one.) The Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant is pretty great. It’s a water based gel lube. It’s body safe, condom compatible, toy friendly. I had as lovely a time using it to masturbate with just my fingers, as I did using a vibrator or dildo. I did have a chance to use Good Clean Love’s Almost Naked on a partner. It started out alright, but I found it became a little bit too tacky for the hand job I gave. I was able to augment that by adding a different lube to the mix.

Sliquid Sassy vs Good Clean Love Almost Naked wmAlmost Naked has a bit of a sweet scent. I wouldn’t say it’s really scented or flavored. And while it is body safe, I don’t find the taste appealing enough to really consider oral play right after use. I would prefer it rinsed off at least.

Originally, I categorized Almost Naked as in the same (or similar) genre as Sliquid Sassy. Sassy is a water based, gel-like lube which is “meant” for butt play that I tend to use for just about anything. While I was taking my comparative photos however, I was surprised at how different they really are. Sassy is definitely a gel that is slow moving, but Almost Naked does not budge. I did a “stretch” test where I took a small dab of lube and pinched and unpinched two fingers. Hopefully, you can see they are pretty different lubes, even if they both fall in the gel category.

Almost Naked washes off easily and quickly. I also don’t find it to be something I need to rush to wash off my bits as soon as I’m done using it.

Ultimately, it comes down to testing a variety of lubes and finding your favorites. Some might be better for certain activities, while others perform better in different situations. It’s all about preference and trial and error.

Good Clean Love Almost Naked LubeIn terms of the tube it is packaged in, I have to say, I really liked that Almost Naked comes in a flip-top. It’s pretty easy to open and close one-handed. (I recognize that may not be true for everyone.) Squeezing the tube was also easier than some other lube bottles I’ve encountered. (Please Lubes, come to mind.)

Good Clean Love has an array of lubes, body oils, and other products. Both SheVibe and Good Vibrations carry Good Clean Love’s Almost Naked in a 1.5 ounce tube as well as a 4 oz tube like the one I have.

Major thanks to the folks at Good Clean Love for sending me some of their lube to try out! 

To snag some Almost Naked of your own, head on over to SheVibe or Good Vibrations!

[I received Good Clean Love’s Almost Naked Lube for free in exchange for my honest review.]

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