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Review: L’Amourose Toy Cleaning Spray

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L'amourose Toy Cleaning Spray

Is it weird that I’m actually excited to review something that isn’t a toy and doesn’t have to be used on my body?

I was looking forward to testing out the L’amourose Toy Cleaning Spray. I rarely use something like toy cleaner and when I did, the only one I had was a foaming one. I tend to opt for simply washing a toy with soap and warm water, because for the most part I’m not sharing them with a partner, and it’s pretty easy to do. (And I’m lazy low-maintenance.)

The L’amourose Toy Cleaning Spray is even easier than that! Just a few spritzes and either allowing it to air dry or wiping it down with a paper towel and you’re good to go!

Check out my little 1 minute video of how to use it:

(P.S. How adorable is my short hair?)

 L'amourose Toy Cleaning SprayI love that the bottle is just 2 oz. – the perfect size for your carry-on during air travel. It’s helpful to not have a giant bottle of something and have to pour some into a smaller vessel. Huzzah for ease!

I wouldn’t say it is “scent-free,” but the spray doesn’t have a heavy scent. This is a challenging concept to convey via text, but this toy cleaner has a sort of artificial, plastic-y scent to it. It’s not overwhelming to me. I can’t really smell it unless I get it right up to my nose. It’s kind of like the same scent as unscented baby wipes, or make-up remover wipes. Hopefully you get what I’m saying.

The directions and ingredients come in English and French.

The L’Amourose Toy Cleaning Spray is $16.99 – on the slightly higher end of the price range for similar items in this category. I think it’s worth it. It isn’t something that will run out super quickly because it only takes a few spritzes. When you consider the size of the bottle, I can see the price seems steep, but again, what’s the point of a 6 oz bottle of something similar if you can’t just chuck it into your carry on if and when you travel?

Thank you to SheVibe for sending me the L’amourose Toy Cleaning Spray to check out! This is definitely an item that will make my life easier!

If you would like to get the L’amourose Toy Cleaning Spray, click through any of the links above. To check out SheVibe’s vast, amazing store, please click the banner below.

SheVibe Vibe Responsibly

[I received the L’amourose Toy Cleaning Spray for free in exchange for my unbiased review.]

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