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Sexologist Vixenne Pairs with Stockroom!

I am so thrilled and pleased to FINALLY be announcing that the Stockroom is sponsoring a portion of my upcoming trip to the CARAS (Community Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities) Conference in Chicago later in the month!

I’d been to the last CARAS conference in San Francisco in 2013 and had such an enlightening experience. A whole conference on the research of kink and nonmonogamy! One small, but eye-opening tidbit I remember from a study presented at the last conference had to do with Dominance and submission; that they should not be considered as being two extremes on one spectrum, but rather they are two separate spectrums with degrees on each. Amazing, right? I’m sure I could go through my notebook and pick out many more interesting findings, but that one about spectrums still stands out.

When I saw that CARAS was coming up again(!) I was looking for sponsorship to attend, so it seemed only fitting that I approach the Stockroom. I have been an affiliate with Stockroom for over a year and a half. The folks I have interacted with there are really cool, creative people who are super knowledgeable about kink, BDSM, and all the accouterments that can go along with these. They’ve had an educational slant (via Stockroom University) for quite some time and this has gotten much stronger since the fall of 2014/winter of this year. You may have noticed that I’ve tweeted many of their recent classes and workshops over the last few months.

This year, CARAS’s theme is “Organizing the Field: Challenges Facing Researchers, Clinicians, and Educators.” I am really looking forward to adding to my toolbox and arming myself against misinformation around sexuality, kink, BDSM, and nomonogamy. What I learn in this conference will be highly applicable to my work as a sexological bodyworker, coach, and sex educator.

And I’m so excited to visit Chicago for the first time!

Many thanks to the Stockroom for sponsoring part of my trip to Chicago for CARAS! I look forward to reporting back what I’ve learned!

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