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Rheomisma form of (female) masturbation practiced by directing a stream of water on the clitoris and introitus.

It is possibly one of the more common kinds of self-pleasuring. While I never could really contort myself so that water would run from the faucet onto my vulva, I sometimes would play around with the hand-held shower head. Now with the Bubble Love (which I am in the process of reviewing, so stay tuned!), I can play around with water pressure and have a delicious time indulging and fantasizing as I take a warm bath.

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  1. This is something I’ve never actually tried, which in some ways I find quite surprising but then I’ve never managed to cum in the bath or shower so maybe I’ve never bothered trying for that reason.

      1. Why would there ever be a goal?! Showers with a partner are foreplay because they get pleasure from it, I feel no sensation in water so if I’m alone it would just leave me frustrated and cold. We don’t all get pleasure from the same thing!

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