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Review: Tantus Bound

Note: The Tantus Bound is currently out of stock at Peepshow Toys (it’s kind of a limited edition toy). But definitely peruse other Tantus items that are available.

Tired of smooth, “boring” dildos? Are you not getting the texture you crave? Do other textures feel repetitive and predictable? The Tantus Bound may just be for you!

Tantus Bound Old-timey ad

My Old-timey ad for Tantus Bound

…Is how this post might have gone if this was written in the 1950s.

…And amused me so much, I made a meme to that effect.

Having read several reviews about the Bound dildo around the time it was released, I was really apprehensive. I didn’t dare ask for it to review. I avoided it for a long while. Then the folks at Peepshow Toys gave me the opportunity to test it out in exchange for my honest review. I still dragged my feet. It’s too textured, I thought. I was pretty nervous.

Keeping in mind of course that all bodies are different and bodies have different moods, I freaking LOVED this dildo. I’m still kind of in shock and confused about it. It almost goes without saying that Bound is not for the faint of heart, and probably not the best option for those who are new to textured penetrative toys.


Bound is a cross-over toy by superhero/comic art-inspired toy store SheVibe and toy manufacturer Tantus (both of whom I affiliate with). Bound is modeled after a penis that has had rope bondage done to it, causing all these veins to protrude, along with ridges and bumps making it a very unique, textured dildo.


Tantus BoundIn all but one time playing with the Bound, I used a generous amount of lube. I am a person who typically does not wait to become so aroused as to self-lubricate when I grab my toys for a solo-pleasuring sesh. I highly recommend lots of water based lube with this toy. I suggest maybe even working up to using Bound by introducing your favorite dildos first. (Something I did when trying Bound for the first time.) I can see it being overwhelming if you aren’t prepared for it. As it is, because Bound has SO MUCH texture it’s right on the cusp of too much. Not only is Bound textured, but the texture isn’t exactly uniform. There are differently spaced ridges and bumps. And the rope!

Size-wise, Bound is pretty average. Not too girthy, not too long – these are good things because it would be just too much otherwise. Bound slides in pretty easily.  The bunch of ropes just past the coronal ridge (the head) is where the magic is. It almost scrapes past my g-spot with each thrust, really waking it up. Bound is relentless. The silicone is quite firm and the girth is comfortably filling. Even with the rope and the unique spacing, it still feels fairly realistic as a cock. It’s kind of mind boggling. My orgasms with Bound have been shuddering and intense.

Tantus Bound - birds eye view As you may know from reading some of my past dildo reviews, reach can sometimes be an issue for me because of my belly. It can be challenging to both thrust a toy in and out while using the other hand to stimulate my clitoris either digitally  or with my favorite vibrator. In one of my trials with Bound (the time I didn’t add lube, because I was sufficiently self-lubricated), I suspended the in and out motion in favor of letting Bound just fill me up while I went to town with my vibrator on my clit. (Did I also mention I’m lazy?)

Tantus’ name is etched into the base of the Bound. I appreciate that sort of thing because it can help in orienting the toy in the direction I want it to go.


Bending the Tantus Bound

It takes a bit of effort, but Bound is pretty bendy.

Bound is 5 inches around (or about 1.6 inches in diameter); its total length is just under 7 inches, with an insertable length of about 6.5 inches. Bound is made of Tantus’ 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone. Because it’s silicone I highly recommend sticking to water based lubes with this one. In particular more cushiony, gel-like lubes such as Sliquid Sassy (completely body-safe). Bound comes in cream, cocoa (the one I have), and black.  It has a flared base, so Bound is harness compatible and also anal safe.

Cleaning the Tantus Bound: Oh Boy. So of course, it’s high quality silicone. You wash it all the usual ways – warm water and soap; 10% bleach to 90% water solution (and wash it off); it’s boilable; and it is top-rack of the dishwasher-safe. Really pay attention to cleaning out the grooves around the rope and the veins. It’s a bit of a pain to get the gunk out. You might even be able to see a teeny bit of schmutz in the photo where I’m bending Bound. (My apologies. But hey! This is real life.)

Finally, the concept that comes to mind is: everything happens at the right time. Had I gotten Bound when it first came out I may have had a negative experience because I hadn’t – at that time – tried many toys with a lot of texture to them. So I guess another way to put that is that Bound (and other highly textured dildos) are sort of an acquired taste. You can work up to it and take your time with lots of lube.

Huge thank yous to the folks at Peepshow Toys

Please use the links in this review. As an affiliate of Peepshow Toys, I don’t get paid for my review, but by clicking though the links I’ve provided to their store and buying stuff, I will get a small percentage at no extra cost to you. This will lead to even more awesome reviews for you all to read!

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[I received the Tantus Bound for free in exchange for my honest opinion.]

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