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Review: Kiki C-Vibe

I was interested in trying the Kiki C-Vibe by PicoBong because I thought it would be good to go “back to basics.” A simple beginners vibe, if you will, that takes a battery. Something that’s less pricey than some of the other products I have recently reviewed. My thought process around this was that not everyone can shell out beaucoups dollars on high tech, rechargeable, sex toys.

I’m trying to convey my dismay with this toy by shaking my head, but obviously you can’t see me doing that. So I’ll have to tell you more.

Picobong Kiki C-Vibe

My experience

In my hand Kiki seemed promising. It is small and has a silky silicone finish that does feel luxurious to the touch. It’s only when I finally got to using it that it really began to annoy me. The buttons on the Kiki C-Vibe. Terrible. They are very challenging to navigate amidst the etched lettering of Picobong on the side. It looks cute, but it isn’t functional. On top of that, there are a lot of settings to this thing. Navigating them with these teeny buttons so close together is nigh impossible. To make it more difficult, trying to find and press the “+” and “-” when holding it against my clit, was pretty challenging and took me out of the experience. If you are a person with reach issues, this may not be the most ideal toy for you because it is small.

Similar to some of the toys by its higher-end cousin by LELO, I loved the idea of the flat head of the Kiki C-Vibe because it could potentially provide a wider surface for vibration (as opposed to toys that are have more pinpointed, direct contact like the We-Vibe Tango).

Let’s talk vibration. Oy vey. My mind started to go on the self-deprecating path of “my vulva is ruined” because when I touched Kiki to my clit it was so damned light. I guess I haven’t used toys with regular batteries in … a while. I’m spoiled. A single AAA battery can’t compare to most toys. Even on high steady vibration, Kiki is no match for even the low setting on most of my other rechargeable vibes.

Did I have an orgasm with the Kiki C-Vibe? After testing Kiki several times I only climaxed with it once. Begrudgingly. My rationale for this is that with enough of any kind of stimulation, I’ll get off. Will I enjoy it? Will it fulfill me? Will I be happy, satisfied, and/or look forward to using it again? Not in this case. It was a sad, weak orgasm. It was mostly annoying and kind of made me angry. Other times that I tried Kiki where I didn’t get off with it, I frustratingly turned it off to reach for something stronger. In other words, I can only recommend (with a clear conscience) the Kiki C-Vibe to folks who are sensitive to light vibration.

Kiki C-Vibe by Picobong with battery

I just have to rant a bit about all that surrounds the Picobong Kiki C-Vibe. So much crap. First of all, “C-Vibe?” Really? For your “C-Spot.” It makes me want to throw things. Every time I hear this term my blood pressure goes up. Does this rage stem from my sexological background? Perhaps. There are g-spots and p-spots. Fine. Cool. But let’s call the clitoris the clitoris. I can’t even. I’m getting rage-y as I type this. C-spot? See spot run! Next!

Part of my process when I review is to just take a peek at the websites toys come from, just to get a feel for the company even if I didn’t receive it directly from them. Well, I went to check out the Picobong site and it was like I walked into a surfboard or swim shop like Roxy or something. Of course, that’s just my impression. It feels youthful, kitchy, and ever so subtly heterocentric (no surprise).Kiki C-Vibe by Picobong

Included in the packaging was a die. It had no numbers. Instead, it had pictures of Picobong’s other products. The instruction booklet tells me to visit Picobong’s main site. I looked around for an explanation of this whack-a-doo scheme to no avail. Finally, I did a Google search and what came up was a sort of “Pac Man” style game a la Picobong toys. Oh my dear reader, if only you could see my facial expression.


The Kiki C-Vibe is just over 3.5 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter. It’s ABS plastic coated with silicone, so I would stick with water-based lubes like Sliquid H2O or Liquid Silk (has a hint of silicone, that makes it so creamy, but still safe for toys).  Of course, Kiki is a battery operated toy; it takes 1 AAA battery which is supposed to give you two hours of play. It has 12 settings, including steady vibrations and patterns, and is operated with 2 buttons (“+” and “-“).  Hopefully, through my photos you can see the two buttons etched into the letters. Kiki is pretty quiet, so that’s a bonus. Oh, it’s a bitch to clean. (I apologize for any teeny bits of gunk that may have stayed behind. I tried my best.) It says it’s waterproof; I would still be cautious when cleaning it. And I certainly would not take it in the shower. Soap and warm water (maybe with a toothbrush) or antibacterial toy cleaner should do just fine.

Please keep in mind: Kiki is not safe for anal insertion. It is “meant” for clitoral stimulation, but can also be used on nipples, frenulums, etc.

Kiki C-Vibe vs We-Vibe Touch

Side by side comparison – Top: We-Vibe Touch; Bottom: Picobong Kiki C-Vibe

Thank you SheVibe for sending me the Kiki C-Vibe to review!

If you’d like to get a Kiki C-Vibe of your own, please click through the links above. To browse all of SheVibe’s products click the banner below!

SheVibe Vibe Responsibly

I received the Kiki C-Vibe for free in exchange for my unbiased review.


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  2. lepolylove

    It seems that this vibe is a dude for most people. I would never trust a toy that takes just one triple a vibe…

    1. DrVixenne (Post author)

      Definitely. But there are some folks who like or need light vibrations.

      1. C. Poly (@CPoly69)

        * dud. Lol.

        And that’s a very good possibility.


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