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February Photofest 2018 Boobday


Just another cheeky photo. Sorry if this is too much, but actually, no I’m not sorry. I’m enjoying being silly, feeling embodied, and finding tiny solo-sexy moments throughout my day. It’s pretty much a revelation. This is my 16th entry…
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February Photofest 2018

Fill in the Blanks

I hardly ever wear this burn out shirt. It’s got “cold shoulders.” When I have worn it, I’d wear it with a camisole underneath. This time around I wore it without anything (well, a bra) underneath as I went out…
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Heart Bursting

This is my 24th entry in February Photo Fest 2017! Click the image below to check out the other bloggers who are also taking part in this challenge. Friday is also boob day!              …
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Another gloomy, rainy Friday (it’s a deluge, really) in Los Angeles calls for some erotic photography. I really love how this lacy piece is both covering me but also is quite revealing. This is my 17th entry in February Photo…
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Polka Dot Bikini

On this rainy, gloomy day in Los Angeles (yes, we have those!) I’m thinking of the summer. This was from a fun pool day I had with a friend in Sacramento. Minimal edits. This is my tenth entry in February…
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Sneak Peek

I recently received this gorgeous babydoll from Curvy Girl Lingerie. I will eventually do a review, but I only just tried it on. I love how it felt when I slipped it on – so sensuous. And I adore the glittery lace…
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