What should my next review be?

March 31, 2015

Update 10/26/15: I reviewed the Neo plug. Update 9/2/15: I reviewed the Anaconda handle. Update 5/22/15:  I reviewed Rocket. UPDATE 5/7/15:  I just reviewed Adam. Check it out and let me know what you think! *** I’ve been pretty lazy with my reviews of late. That is about to change. I have two that I am in the midst of, but after that I have four toys I just received. Tantus sent…



February 28, 2015

I started FebPhotoFest2015 with a photo that included my legs, so it’s only fitting to have “bookends.” This has been such a fun challenge! I feel so accomplished that I was able to post every single day. If you missed any of my entries, I invite you to go back and take a look. What were your favorites? This is my final entry in February Photo Fest 2015! Thank you…


Review: Meteorite Plug

Tantus Meteorite Plug
April 21, 2014

When I got that huge bundle of toys from Tantus a few months ago, I was pretty stoked to see a butt plug. I’ve owned a few butt plugs over the years. And even way back in my late teens/early twenties when I randomly purchased a butt plug (Ok, I’m sure there was thought put into it at the time) it was by Tantus. I think it’s both wonderful and…


Review: Goddess Vibrator

Tantus Goddess Vibrator Dildo
March 6, 2014

My Experience I found the Goddess to perfectly toe the line of being simple (great for beginners) while still having the right amount of nuance for those who like (or are exploring) textured dildos. The ridges are gentle, not jarring, so insertion was exciting but not overwhelming. The glossy silicone allowed for pretty smooth insertion and thrusting with almost no drag. I was surprised at how powerful the removable bullet…


Review: Mikey O2

Tantus Mikey O2
February 12, 2014

  First things first. This toy is girthy. The blurb on Tantus’ site for Mikey says it is “short and stout.” They aren’t lying. I found it to be an incredibly filling dildo. Unlike the Cush O2 and the Flurry O2 which are also dual density silicone dildos, Mikey strives to be more realistic. If I want a sensation of fullness and not a lot of “extras” I would hands down choose Mikey over…


Review: Cush O2

Tantus Cush O2
February 7, 2014

Where to begin? Let’s start with the fact that reviewing isn’t easy. It’s fun, don’t get me wrong. But this isn’t just about wanking and then getting back to whatever else. I take notes. Sometimes I live tweet. (TMI? Maybe. I don’t do it that often.) Before trying it, I’d seen some reviews on the Cush and at least one friend told me I’d love it. Maybe that was too…


Tantus Sends Me A Bountiful Box of Toys to Try

Tantus Dildos
January 31, 2014

You know that saying, “Ask and you shall receive?” Yeah, so that happened! Just last week I got an email from Tantus about an upcoming promotion for a line of their toys. So, like any good sexologist/burgeoning sex toy reviewer I inquired further. With a really quick correspondence back and forth I was slated to receive…something from the Dual Density O2 line. I was definitely excited and had no idea what to really expect other…