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Sportsheets Plus Size Harness with Tantus Vamp

Review: Sportsheets Peekaboo Plus Size Harness

[In the featured image for this post, the Sportsheets Plus Size Harness is with the grab bag Tantus Vamp which is a photo I snapped one day for FebPhotoFest2017.] Full disclosure from the get-go: I have not had a chance to use…
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Dr. Vixenne’s Top 10 Favorites of 2015

This list could have been much, much longer, but I wanted to keep it to the faves I’ve (re)discovered over the past year or so. I invite you to scope out my review index if you’d like to read all the…
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Tantus Neo Butt Plug

Review: Tantus Neo Plug

Real talk, peeps. I received the Neo plug way back in March 2015 with several other Tantus toys. And despite requesting the Neo for review, and lusting after this silky silicone dream since well before I was a reviewer, I avoided the…
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Review: Tantus Echo Handle

My Echo Handle is a grab bag toy and it has the prettiest colors ever. (At least I think so.) If you don’t already know, Tantus has a collection of grab bag toys. These are some of the same toys…
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Tantus Slow Drive and Sport

Review: Tantus Slow Drive vs. Sport

  You want it quick and dirty. You came for the TL;DR and I don’t blame you for a second. Both the Sport and the Slow Drive came out early in 2014. They both look pretty awesome. Both have a long and…
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Tantus Vamp Grab Bag

First Impressions: Tantus Vamp

I went and splurged on some Tantus toys for myself. I plan to do full, in-depth reviews for each item I bought which includes the Duke, Slow Drive, and Vamp. The Vamp I picked out is a grab bag item which I…
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Pipedream Icicles No. 5

Review: Icicles No. 5

Sex toys come in all sorts of materials. Silicone is fabulous and comes in various textures, densities, and firmness. Nothing can compare with the weight of stainless steel. Some day, I hope to try a toy made of wood.  For now, I can speak…
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Picobong Kiki C-Vibe

Review: Kiki C-Vibe

I was interested in trying the Kiki C-Vibe by PicoBong because I thought it would be good to go “back to basics.” A simple beginners vibe, if you will, that takes a battery. Something that’s less pricey than some of the other…
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GSpotter Pop Top on Magic Wand

Review: Pleasure Works Pop Tops Deluxe Silicone G-spotter Attachment

The G-Spotter Pop Top attachment. It isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing implement. I’ve fucked myself with sex toys that are so gorgeous I would have no problem displaying them. Well, the Pop Top would not fall into that category, unfortunately. But,…
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Tantus Pelt Paddle

Review: Tantus Pelt Paddle

The Pelt Paddle is some serious business. And while it looks tame, it is nothing to be trifled with. When I first began exploring the amazing bounty Tantus sent me back in January, ever the curious explorer, I figured No biggie I’ll just…
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