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Magic Wand Rechargeable

Review: Magic Wand Unplugged (#MWRC)

The Cadillac of Vibrators. Now, unplugged. And not just unplugged, it’s got settings and patterns. And a silicone head. I wish my entire review could just be “Go buy one right now and if you don’t have one of the earlier iterations…
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Rocks-Off RO-Jira

Review: Rocks-Off RO-Jira Vibrator

I had some mixed feelings going into this review. I’ve been very loyal to a small handful of vibrators over the past few years. Naturally, I’m always skeptical when I receive a new one. This is totally different that a dildo review. Or…
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Leaf Spirit Vibrator

Review: Leaf Spirit Vibrator

I want to love the Leaf Spirit. I dig the color – bright green! It’s very much in keeping with the nature-y, eco-sexy theme Leaf’s brand is going for (though, they have come out with some purple versions, too). Did I have orgasms with Spirit? Yes,…
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Minna Limon Touch-Responsive Vibrator

Review: Minna Limon Touch-Responsive Vibrator

Innovation in the sex toy world is rare. Companies might try to come up with something new, but more often than not it’s just a lot of talk. Hype might surround a product and make one skeptical as to how it could…
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The New and Improved We-Vibe Touch Vibrator

Review: The New & Improved We-Vibe Touch

I have had my We-Vibe Tango for over three years now. I won it in a raffle at the first ever sexuality conference I attended and it is still as strong as ever and in great shape. It has been my favorite (small) vibrator…
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Lelo Gigi 2 from Good Vibrations

Review: LELO Gigi 2

  My Struggle This was my first experience with a LELO toy. I have been wanting to get my hands on one for a few years now. I’m so grateful to the sex toy reviewer powers-that-be for giving me this…
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