Practice Makes Practice: What I Learned from Six Weeks of Orgasmic Yoga

April 7, 2016

First, let me explain a bit about what Orgasmic Yoga is:  Orgasmic Yoga (OY) – as I have done it, and my experience of it – is not “actual” yoga. The term “yoga” in this context was originally used by the creators of this practice to evoke the notion of a practice that must be practiced. We weave conscious breath, movement, sound, touch, dance, as well as the placement of attention and…


365 Days of Orgasms (Again)

January 6, 2016

For the second year in a row, I kept track of my orgasms. Unfortunately my brilliant ideas from 2014 were not implemented, like keeping track of the exact ways I had orgasms or which days specifically. I did start to keep track in that way, but I got sidetracked and lazy.  An Orgasm A Day…Sort of I use the notes function on my iphone and I organize them by week. Sometimes I’ll add in…


365 Days of Orgasms

December 31, 2014

2014 was the year I decided to keep a record of my orgasms. I was curious to see whether I would have one a day. Would I have multiple per day? Would I skip any days? What would I learn about myself? An Orgasm A Day Long story short: I did not end up having an orgasm every day this year. Is that surprising? I don’t really think so. It was…


Three Ways to Celebrate Masturbation May!

May 1, 2014

I’m all about masturbation! I don’t think it needs to necessarily be relegated to one month. This pleasure practice should be happening all year long! As often as YOU want to do  it! National Masturbation Month was introduced in 1995 by the sex-toy store Good Vibrations, in response to the dismissal of U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders (HuffPo). Dr. Elders presented the idea that masturbation is an acceptable practice for…


Trusting the Process; My Journal & Musings #1 – Manicures & Masturbation

February 17, 2014

This is the first of many journal-esque entries about my personal journey in sex, sexuality, relationships, and related topics. The phrase “trust the process” is something we would say in a couple of the courses at school (IASHS) when ideas (or other students) triggered us, or if we weren’t being challenged enough. Sometimes it’ll be about more serious personal discoveries and other times I will share light-hearted thoughts about whatever….


Sexologist Vixenne’s Top 3 Posts for 2013

December 30, 2013

This post is just a quick rehashing and ultimately a HUGE Thank You to my readers! If I didn’t have my followers, fans, and readers all of my writing would basically be written masturbation. I am so grateful for each and every one of the people who have stumbled across my work, connected with it, shared it, and given me feedback in one way or another. So here were my…


Review: Aneros Evi

Aneros Evi and my snazzy new manicure
December 29, 2013

I’ve been looking forward to trying out the Aneros Evi for over a year. So I was thrilled when I was given the chance to try it out in exchange for an unbiased review. A Rant, to Begin… I’d only ever seen the Evi displayed on store shelves, so I never really got into the details of the packaging. I was very exasperated to see written on the outer sleeve the…


A Lesson in Permission-giving: Or what happened when I didn’t want to masturbate

legs and arms crossed over pelvis
October 29, 2013

[You’re in for a treat, dear readers – this one has quite a bit of self disclosure.] People who know me, know that I LOVE masturbation. My blog readers may have even sensed a theme — it’s a topic I’ve written a lot about. I even have a list of my favorite things.  If it’s possible for self pleasuring to be part of one’s core beliefs then it is definitely one of mine….


Orgasmic Yoga

September 11, 2013

Orgasmic Yoga (OY) is a term that was coined by Joseph Kramer and the Body Electric. It is a mindful practice incorporating conscious breath, movement, sound, and touch to sink deeper into the body without the aid of outside erotic stimulation (such as porn or fantasy).  It does not involve yoga, but it can if one is so inclined. It does not even have to feature orgasms. OY is a…


Switch Things Up! Keep It Fresh! (Masturbation May)

Fortune from a Cookie - "It is impossible to please everybody. Please yourself first."
May 1, 2013

Has it been a whole year already? Masturbation month has finally rolled back around! So let’s challenge ourselves to do a whole month of masturbation practice! I’m totally serious! Whether you are partnered – monogamous or polyamorous, or living the single life by choice or circumstance, everyone can benefit from masturbation. It is a great reliever of stress; Masturbation is a way to wake up or get relaxed; It’s a…