Sex Doesn’t Have to End in Orgasm

December 11, 2014

I have had clients in my coaching practice with concerns around lasting longer in bed. Sometimes the opposite is distressing, too; taking “too long.” Of course orgasms feel delicious. They can be intense. They can last a long time. They can be fleeting and quick. They can be full-bodied or genitally centered. They can be single or multiple. But what if we took orgasm off its “pedestal?” What if penetration,*…


Never Negotiate Naked

December 10, 2014

To kick off my recent sex ed meme frenzy (thanks to Mr. Will!), let’s start with a phrase I tend to say a lot. I’ve been saying Never Negotiate Naked for years now, but I must have picked it up somewhere along the way in my sexological journey. When we’re in the heat of the moment – clothes are flying off, kissing, touching, heavy breathing – it’s delicious. Everything is so intense. It…