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February Photofest 2017



Another gloomy, rainy Friday (it’s a deluge, really) in Los Angeles calls for some erotic photography. I really love how this lacy piece is both covering me but also is quite revealing. This is my 17th entry in February Photo…
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TBT: Asymmetrical

This photo was taken in September 2012 at a Shibari rope class. The instructor did this sort of asymmetrical tie on me. I edited it just a little for more dramatic shadows. This is my 16th entry in February Photo…
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Similar to yesterday’s photo, but a different angle. I played with shadow and black and white filter. I like the way it came out. It feels soft. This is my 15th entry in February Photo Fest 2017! Click the image…
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Sun & Pout

I sat near the beach and took advantage of the natural light to play with angles, cleavage, and a perfect pout. This is my 14th entry in February Photo Fest 2017! (We’re at the halfway point!) Click the image below…
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Accidental Snap

While taking photos for my lingerie reviews, I snapped this photo accidentally when I wasn’t quite ready. Weirdly, I like it a lot. Just a hint of my pink lipstick, the shimmer of the fishnet. This is my 13th entry…
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Bent Over

For today’s post, I dug up a photo that’s maybe 4 years old or so. I don’t think I have many butt photos (probably because they’re difficult to coordinate), so I’m a tiny bit nervous to post this, but ultimately…
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After the Party

A small peek of my outfit from a play party Friday night.  This is my 11th entry in February Photo Fest 2017! Click the image below to check out the other bloggers who are also taking part in this challenge.


Polka Dot Bikini

On this rainy, gloomy day in Los Angeles (yes, we have those!) I’m thinking of the summer. This was from a fun pool day I had with a friend in Sacramento. Minimal edits. This is my tenth entry in February…
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TBT: Collar & Suspenders

This is a throw back Thursday post. I’m not sure this one has been posted anywhere before, but it’s a fun photo I had almost forgotten about. I played around with some of the brightness, but it had that blurry/out…
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