TBT: Baring All

February 2, 2017

  Throw back Thursday. I’ve never publicly shared this photo and I rarely post scantily clad photos of myself. The original photo was taken in the spring of 2015.  Recently I have been struggling with my own body positivity and acceptance. I’ve had my ups and downs around this for pretty much my whole life. I strive to be someone who shares my struggles because hey, I’m human, too. There are…


Review: Crash Pad Series Episode 230: Kitty Stryker & Jetta Rae

Kitty Stryker-Jetta Rae Crash Pad Series Ep230
January 10, 2017

As always, I have to gush over Crash Pad. Episode 230 was phenomenal as ever, but not for the obvious reasons. I’ll mention the unexpected first. It’s not so much bad, as I kind of wish there had been more “sex.” But that’s a me problem, not a them problem. And to be clear, it’s not even a problem. The sex felt a little like an afterthought to me. It turns…


Performing Gender

October 18, 2016

◊ Please know that this post comes from a place of cisgender privilege as well as living in a very welcoming big city (West Hollywood/Los Angeles) and I’m aware of this.   I have always identified as the gender into which I was assigned at birth. Female ⇒ Girl ⇒ Woman. Easy peasy. Now, as I round out the final year in my 20s, I mostly still fall into that….


What I Learned from a Month of Daily Orgasmic Yoga

June 11, 2016

At the beginning of May, it was my intention to do a daily practice of Orgasmic Yoga.  Somehow, I managed to stick it out the entire 31 days. I did a practice of about 30 minutes each night and if I told you that every night was orgasms, fun, and I was fully present the entire time, I’d be lying. It is a vastly different experience to stay present on…


WATCH: Why You Should Join Us on a 30-Day Orgasmic Yoga Journey

May 7, 2016

Clinical Sexologist Dr. Martha Tara Lee hosted Jon Gosling and myself for a discussion on Orgasmic Yoga. What is Orgasmic Yoga? How has it changed our lives? Why do we recommend people do it? How can people do it?   About Jon Gosling Jon Gosling sees himself a “Body Awakener” he supports people to connect with themselves through the body rather than experiencing primarily through the conditioned mind. He works with…



February 13, 2016

I caught this while I was walking back into a class at the Stockroom today and loved the way the slit on my dress framed my thigh and my knee. I also really like the way my belly curves look in this angle. I’m not a fan of my belly a lot of days, but I’m working on loving it no matter what. This is my thirteenth entry in February…


Review: Crash Pad Series Episode 131: April Flores’ solo

December 22, 2015

Episode 131 was the first Crash Pad episode I’d ever seen.  There’s something intensely validating in getting to watch porn that features a performer with a body that looks similar to mine.  Many of the Crash Pad’s episodes hold this element of exhibitionism and voyeurism that I don’t recall seeing in more mainstream porn. In Episode 131, April Flores breaks down that fourth wall right from the get-go when she acknowledges…


Fat Babes in the Media: Magic Mike XXL

July 4, 2015

I kept muttering that they should just get to the dancing and skip the plot. We all knew what we were there for and that was some hot eye candy. From my recollection (I haven’t seen the original Magic Mike since it came out), there was more dancing in the first installment. On the other hand, the plot was a bit more substantial in XXL. I’m no movie critic, I’ll leave…



March 8, 2015

A couple years ago I wrote a post about people being more than any one body part, but a lot of people can feel very tied to certain aspects of their physicality. Identity can be connected with specific parts or the accessories we wear. For a long time my “signature” has been glasses, big boobs, and very long hair. I’d been “threatening” to chop off my hair for years now. Over…


Reflections on Fatshaming, Fatphobia, and Positive Body Image

December 30, 2014

Don’t read the comments. It’s a line writers, bloggers, and others who do a lot of social media work say to each other. We can write the most up-lifting, inspirational, well-researched piece and almost without fail the Trolls surface. It’s gotten to the point that even tweets or Instagram photos are also being infiltrated by those who feel the urge to add their negative, hateful comments on personal posts. I find it curious and perplexing….