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Satisfyer 2, Pro 2, & Pro Penguin Comparison Review

Even as I sit down to write this review, having received these three Satisfyer toys back in March/April 2017, I am having a difficult time wrapping my mind around what these toys feel like. I’ll back up a little.

I was very excited when the folks at Satisfyer reached out to offer me items to review. I love getting new items and I enjoy reviewing them and adding my experience and perspectives so folks can, perhaps, make more informed decisions about their erotic purchases. I tried two out of the three fairly quickly upon receiving them. I didn’t try the Satisfyer 2 until maybe a week before starting to write this review. Overall, I was already sold on the concept as a whole. I loved the Womanizer w100 I reviewed back in 2016. Sadly, that model has since been discontinued. There were things I did not like about that line of products, like the price and the funky light in the tip, for example, but I enjoy the difficult-to-describe sensation facilitated by these toys with “Pleasure Air Technology.”

What that sensation is and isn’t. One of the buzz phrases used with the Satisfyers is “Pleasure Wave Stimulation.” Descriptions will also throw in “vacuum” and “suction.” Well, it’s not like the suction you’d experience from a pump or from a snake bite kit (or nipple suckers as they’re sometimes called), for example. (Pervertables for the win.) The Satisfyers don’t feel like they pull very strongly at all. They’re not exactly a vibration in the sense we might usually experience. It’s almost a (rapid) tap tap tap, which becomes more and more rapid and intense the higher the intensity is. It could be a sensation similar to a TENS unit in that it seems to be creating many tiny muscle spasms, but it’s very subtle, nearly imperceptible. It seems to be very localized at first and then the sensations expand out, probably because the underlying clitoral structures are being stimulated.

So, let me get right in to each of these Satisfyers and share my thoughts and experiences.

Satisfyer Pro PenguinSatisfyer Pro Penguin

I have mixed feelings about the Satisfyer Pro Penguin. When I first received these toys, I really liked the Penguin. I’m not sure what changed. I may be judging it against the 2 and Pro 2, now that I’ve had more experiences with them. As of my most recent test runs with these three models, I found the Penguin difficult to align and didn’t have strong enough “air.” I made sure it was charged, and it was equal parts frustrating and underwhelming. The head/opening is relatively small, compared to the other two models in this review. The somewhat angled head combined with the pinpointed-ness, and just the way my bits are just didn’t work out. I was surprised that I didn’t experience much of the “suction” or much stimulation even I was attempting to find the “right” spot.

On the plus side, the Pro Penguin is rechargeable. One downside is that there is no decrease button so you’ve got to hold down the power button to shut it off if things get too intense, or to start over from the lower settings. Additionally, because it’s a toy on the smaller side (about 5 inches from the top to the end of the handle), it is not likely ideal for folks with reach issues or larger bellies and so forth. The buttons being on the inside of the toy, sort of where you might logically rest your thumb, just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Satisfyer Pro 2Satisfyer Pro 2

In second place, I do enjoy the Satisfyer Pro 2. It’s pretty easy to hold on to. The head is a bit bulky, but not annoying, not overly obtrusive. I like the size of the opening because it don’t have to zero in EXACTLY onto my clit. The “suction” is pretty darn incredible. I very rarely go beyond a few levels of intensity (maybe 3 or 4) out of eleven. The upper levels feel too intense and almost buzzy even though it isn’t exactly a vibration.

I love the length of the Satisfyer Pro 2. It’s a nice mid-range length, at about 6.5 inches from the top to the bottom of the handle. It’s not too bulky, and I found it to be pretty ergonomic. The buttons are in a spot that makes sense, on the outside of the handle. It could be better if it had a minus/decrease button. Like the Pro Penguin, if things are getting too intense, it has to be shut off completely and then you can start from the lowest settings and try again.

Satisfyer 2Satisfyer 2

Tl;dr I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed this one. It is probably my favorite, if I had to rank them.

The Satisfyer 2 absolutely surprised me. Part of why I put off testing the Satisfyer 2, is because it requires batteries. Considering some of my track record with battery operated vibes since I started reviewing, I had low expectations. And the amount of waste caused by disposable batteries irritates me. However, I was stunned to note that the Satisfyer 2 was not as buzzy on my bits as it felt on my fingertip. It really delivered. The orgasms I’ve had with it were deep, intense, and lasted.

The Satisfyer 2 is the only one of these three models that has a decrease button. I found that to be incredibly useful to prolong the experience and lead up to orgasm. Being able to vary the intensity allowed me to ramp up and back down ending in an even more intense orgasm.

In comparison to the Pro 2, I like that the silicone tip is streamlined and not sticking out. It’s a little bit at an angle, as well. Which may contribute to the way the light vacuum sensation works. I like that it’s got a nice big head and opening, it’s got a plus AND minus button, and if I hold it closer to the head, it’s fairly easy to increase or decrease the intensity. The Satisfyer 2 is the longest of the three, clocking in at about 7 inches from the top of the head to the tip of the handle.

Additional Points

Noise – These suckers (ooh a pun!) are not whisper quiet. They are even louder when not against the area you’re trying to suction. Like a tiny little pool filter or leaf blower. Or a truck idling.

Lube, Waterproof-ness, and Cleaning – I stuck with my go-to water based lube with each of these because of the silicone tips. It’s said to be waterproof, but I never tested that out because that’s not something that is important to me. For cleaning, I mainly just wiped them down with a baby wipe. For a more intense clean, just soap and warm water on the tips – it’s great that they’re easily removable. You may have to pay a bit of attention to the seam that runs down the Pro 2 and the 2, because lube and gunk will probably build up there.

Price point – I’ve listed some of the prices below. All run under $70 US. You’re not getting any extras at this low price tag. You get the charging cord, the instructions and that’s all. No fancy bag or storage, nada.

Colors – I liked that, aside from the Pro Penguin, the colors were a little bit off the main road. The coppery-rosy gold of the Pro 2 and the white and copper-rose gold of the 2 were lovely and had a very fancy feel to them. The newer, next gen model of the Penguin has more traditional Penguin colors and little bow tie (so dang cute!).

Battery/Charging – The Satisfyer 2 (the white one) is battery powered needing 2 AAA batteries that aren’t included. The Satisfyer Pro 2 and Pro Penguin both are rechargeable. They have magnetic USB charging cables (and the cord is interchangeable between models). When they are plugged in to charge the button area lights up and flashes; they also light up when in use. The Penguin and Pro 2 seem to have very long lasting batteries. Since receiving them, I maybe plugged them in a handful of times in total. They really held their charge. We’re talking months with semi-regular use.

Wording – An unfortunate downside to the Satisfyers is they use somewhat gendered language in their products talking about women. It’s unsurprising, but also annoying and it needs to be pointed out. This is an external clitoral stimulation toy.

Bonus: You can use these to stimulate nipples! And even fun, light sensation play on the lips! Could be fun!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think these were great toys. The Satisfyer 2 and Pro 2 are definitely tied for me in terms of sensation, how they feel to use, both in my hand and on my bits. The 2 wins out because of its minus button, the strength of it’s vacuum on my clit and the streamlined tip; The Pro 2 wins out based on being rechargeable. In terms of partnered use, I would guess that each of these Satisfyers would work just fine if you wanted to incorporate them. They wouldn’t be especially bulky, not that it matters, necessarily. Another of the claims is that these toys are “hands-free.” For me, yes and no. I have pretty thick labia and thick thighs to hold these in place, but in general, I preferred holding them so I could keep the right amount of pressure.

I think the Satisfyers are fantastic for the relatively inexpensive price point where they are listed. If you were on the fence with the $100+ Womanizers, these definitely put things closer in reach. The Satisfyer 2 is amazing at under $40, but you’d have to factor in replacing the batteries every so often.


Thank you to the folks at Satisfyer for reaching out and sending me these three items to review. I super appreciate it and my clit is so happy.

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[I received the Satifyers for free in exchange for my unbiased review.]

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