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Review: Fun Factory Bouncer

I dragged my feet with this review for over a year. It’s not that I don’t like the Bouncer, it’s a nice toy. I’ve been dragging on my reviews in general because I haven’t been able to think critically about a toy. I’ve happily tried new items here and there, but writing about them has become a challenge. Add to that, I haven’t been incorporating dildos into my self-pleasure repertoire much, and it’s no wonder that this slid to the back burner. 

I have to say a huge thank you to the folks at Peepshow Toys for not pushing me to do the review and being super understanding.

This is my first Fun Factory review, but I’ve owned Fun Factory items in the past, most notably a previous incarnation of the Big Boss

The Fun Factory Bouncer is not your standard, non-realistic dildo, although its more abstract appearance may be a big draw for a lot of people. The really exciting part of the Bouncer is what’s on the inside: Three balls that “bounce.” Hence Bouncer. Clever, eh?

Fun Factory Bouncer


The product description says “rotating balls,” but that’s not quite accurate. When I think of rotating, I think of something battery powered or with a motor. These balls more closely resemble kegel balls which tend to move as you move. Similarly, the balls within the shaft of the Bouncer jangle while thrusting. The more you thrust, the more they move around. Fun thing to try: With Bouncer inserted (however much you want/can), tapping on the base moves the balls around producing a very pleasant sensation.

Using this dildo was slightly less thrilling than I was expecting, maybe because of the matte silicone, maybe because it doesn’t have much texture at all. My favorite way to use Bouncer is what I mentioned above: tapping on the base with minimal thrusting. It generated a delightful thumping against my cervix when I had it more fully inserted while also giving a little bit of a jostling to my g-spot. The orgasms I had with this dildo were delicious, lasting a little longer than usual as the balls in the shaft moved with my vaginal contractions before finally settling down.

The silicone of Bouncer is a bit of a drag. I tend to favor glossier silicone unless it’s a toy with more of a realistic feel. There are benefits to both and it just comes down to personal preference. With this more matte silicone, I find myself needing to use lots of lube and having to reapply if I’m using it over a longer session.

Fun Factory Bouncer BaseBouncer’s base has the Fun Factory logo and is a more non-traditional triangular sort of shape. I appreciate non-circular bases as they make it easier to navigate the direction the toy is going in. It is also harness compatible and anal safe. The base is supposed to have somewhat of a suction cup effect. I don’t have much use for that and didn’t have great success with it, but I have read other reviews that say it does work. Chalk it up to user trial and error. 

Fun Factory’s silicone is (of course) body-safe, non-porous, easy to clean. Bouncer is a helluva lint magnet. I wiped it down a few times before taking photos and just gave up.  The bouncer has no real ridges or nooks so you won’t have to labor over getting lube and gunk out of crevices. Warm water and soap will work just fine. 

Bouncer is about 7 inches insertable length with a circumference of about 5 inches at the widest points. It comes in black, red, and rose (a light pink). And it is currently $99.99 at Peepshow Toys. It’s a bit steep, but Fun Factory toys are higher end, made well, and an investment for your toy box. As always, you can save 10% on your purchases at Peepshow Toys with code VIXEN at checkout. PST also offers free ground shipping in the USA on orders over $70.

Thank you Peepshow Toys for sending me the Fun Factory Bouncer to review! 

Peepshow Toys Vixen Coupon

[I received the Bouncer for free in exchange for my honest review.]

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