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Lingerie Review: The “Saucye”

I’ve never been more appreciative for an easy exchange policy. Luckily, Curvy Girl Lingerie is committed to having happy customers. While they do not issue returns or refunds, they will exchange an item within one month of purchase.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

In chatting with Chrystal, we were trying to figure out what size I’d wear of various pieces (which I wrote a bit about in my review of Shawna). In addition to size, length is a thing people look to in clothing. Since I’m just five-foot-one, I have to be mindful of lengths of clothes quite often, so that I’m not drowning in pants or dresses that are too long on me. Weirdly, that wasn’t so much of a concern for me when thinking about lingerie.  At the same time, I may have just forgotten that length tends to increase when going up in size.

FebPhotoFest2017-3Originally, I was sent the Saucye in a 1X/2X. I knew I was going to keep my bra on while wearing this piece, which was fine, but when I put it on, it was a struggle; too snug, the bra was completely exposed, I didn’t feel comfortable or sexy. I got in touch with Chrystal as soon as I could to let her know that the Saucye in the smaller size just wasn’t going to cut it. 

I was sent a return label for the original piece along with the larger size of the Saucye. Easy peasy. No problem. And oh, this babydoll slipped right on. It felt so delicious and sexy right away. I had snapped this photo to the right as a part of FebPhotoFest 2017 Day 3 as a sneak preview.

The 3X/4X is a bit longer on me (maybe a couple inches above my knee), but it doesn’t bother me. As a matter of fact, I was able to wear the Saucye under a dress before heading to one of my Orgasmic Yoga circles and it felt comfy (and secretive).

The straps could be a bit wider, in my opinion, but I do appreciate that they can be adjusted with a slider just like a bra strap. The cups a lightly padded, and are, as far as I can tell, just there to keep the shape. I wouldn’t wear this piece of lingerie without a bra underneath. 

The detail on Saucye is gorgeous. I am enamored with the silvery, metallic lace. The light purple is very soft. The body of the piece (from below the bust) is flowy, sheer, and asymmetrical (as you can kind of see in the photo below, it sort of “wraps”).

The bust seems to get sucked into my underboob both pulling down from the top (exposing more of my bra) and up from the bottom (scrunching the lacy underbust). I may need to play around with the straps some more. 

Bonus! The Saucye comes with a matching pair of panties. Unfortunately, in the second shipping, the larger size’s matching panties were missing. However! The folks at CGL were super generous and included a lacy pair of panties in the larger 3X/4X size

For what it’s worth, I am not a professional model and I took my photos with a timer on my iPhone. Photos are minimally edited, mostly for brightness, not for aesthetics. I have fat rolls and cellulite and it’s awesome. You don’t have to like it, but then you can move right on along.

For reference, here are some details about me: 

  • I’m about 5-foot-one.
  • I wear a 44H bra (Lane Bryant’s Cacique full coverage bra like this one).
  • I wear an 18/20 full brief panties usually. Sometimes a 22/24 depending on the material/style.
  • My measurements are:
    • Bust: 58″
    • Waist: 56″
    • Hip: ~62″

Things to note about Curvy Girl Lingerie:

  • They have a physical store in San Jose, CA.
  • They do not issue refunds, but will do exchanges until you are happy with your purchase within one month of the purchase.
  • They are committed to offering real images of the products on bodies other than just mainstream models. Where they can, they depict the lingerie on their customers.
  • Their sizes run from a 12 to 6x in some cases.

As of this posting, the Saucye is $65. Curvy Girl Lingerie is offering a 20% discount off your purchase by entering code: metro20 at checkout (because they were voted “Best Lingerie Store” in San Jose/Silicon Valley for 2017).

Full disclosure: I received the Shawna for free in exchange for my unbiased review. I am not an affiliate of Curvy Girl.

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