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Review: Happy New Year from Crash Pad (2017)

How effing awesome is this 5 minute clip

It perfectly captures the sexiness, diversity, queerness, individuality, fun, playfulness, creativity, and care both among the performers and those behind the camera, all set to a classical music piece.

  1. That it was set to classical music took me back to my grad school days at the Institute where we watched the “Fuck-a-rama” (also sometimes known as “Pornucopia”). 
  2. I kind of feel like there needs to be more porn set to classical music.
  3. This made me remember I was once on the hunt for classical music that mimicked the stages of arousal. 
  4. I love that this small clip was just a sampling of the past year alone. I watched a decent amount of Crash Pad, but I certainly didn’t get around every episode ever (that’s over 230 clips! and it doesn’t even include the other work done by Pink and White Productions!), and I did not get to every episode from 2016. Watching them for #SexEdPornReviews did have me watch more than I might have. It was fun to be reminded of episodes I had watched and catching snippets of others that I wasn’t quite able to get around to! I have my work cut out for me in 2017!

Big thanks as always to the folks at Crash Pad for letting me review their work! I love what they do and I can’t wait to review some more!

If you need hot queer, ethical, feminist porn in your life – trust me, you do – including this clip and tons more, click the links in this post or the banner below.

Crash Pad Queer Porn

[I received a subscription to Crash Pad for free in exchange for my honest review.]

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