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Review: Tenga Flip Hole (Black)

In the spring of 2016, when the opportunity presented itself for me to review a Tenga Flip Hole from the awesome folks at SheVibe, I jumped at the opportunity to review a toy for penises. The only downside is I don’t have a penis in my life at the moment. But I do have awesome friends! So I offered the Tenga Flip Hole to one of my close friends and he was more than happy to review it. He’s never reviewed sex toys and he had never before used a masturbation sleeve. He’s also not in the sexuality/sex positive community so the review is anonymous. Photos of the Flip Hole were taken by him and edited by me.

A few additional notes for some context:

SheVibe sent me the Flip Hole (which I ended up handing off to my friend) with the following caveat “one of the lubes exploded in the package, thus the bulk packaging and the lack of 1 lube – they generally come with 3.” So the two lubes he had to work with were the “real” and “mild.”

The “TPE/TPR Silicone” controversy. I’m not an expert in materials and I’ve been very spoiled in the kinds of toys I’ve reviewed so far that they’ve all been high quality, body safe materials. If you’d like to learn more about materials, I highly recommend you visit Dangerous Lilly’s site. She’s got a lot of information around all kinds of materials. Here’s a quick read by Lilly on “TPE/TPR Silicone”. It is my understanding that this is not actually silicone, but it is a porous material that is not intended to last forever. In fact, Tenga says the Flip Hole is good for up to 50 uses, and that’s if you are diligent with cleaning and caring for it. 

A word about gender. From what I can tell glancing over the Tenga Flip Holes, they seem to be marketed as “men’s toys.” It is important for me to say that this review is not meant to take away from or assume anything about people with a penis who may not identify as male/man/masculine. My friend was writing from his cis male perspective. The Flip Holes can, of course, be used by people with penises regardless of gender. 

There are a few spots where I insert a few words for clarity or context and I have added those with brackets ( [  ]).

And so, without further ado…

Tenga Flip Hole BlackWhen I was first asked if I wanted to review the Tenga FlipHole, not knowing what it was, I was put off by the name. I made a couple jokes about it and wondered if it had anything to do with prolapse (if you don’t know, you might not want to Google it). After Dr. Vixenne told me about it, I was more than enough intrigued. I have never used a sleeve before but I have expressed interest in it so Dr. Vixenne was more than happy to ask me if I wanted to try this.

There are several versions of the Flip Hole, but I received the Flip Hole Black. Each version is the same size but each has a different internal structure and firmness. The black is made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). The TPE is encased in a hard black plastic. The Flip Hole black is a bit under 7 inches long, but less endowed [people] will still have fun with this sleeve.

Tenga Flip Hole BlackThe Flip Hole is named such because there is a cap that slides off that you flip. It comes with 3 tubes of lube, again each with a different viscosity. Unfortunately, Tenga didn’t use retail packaging to send it to me and I was told that one of the tubes “blew up” and I only got 2 of the 3 tubes of lube. Each one is good for 1-2 uses. I wish they were just a bit larger to get 2 uses out of them. The two lubes I received were called “real” and “mild.”


Flip Hole – First Impressions

Tenga Flip Hole BlackAfter I took the Tenga Flip Hole out of its packaging, it initially felt a bit heavy and bulky to me. It still felt comfortable in my hand. There are three buttons on each side. The middle button is mostly used to push the air out and create more of a vacuum inside the Flip Hole. The other two buttons squeeze the internals to give more pressure at the top or bottom. Flip Holes, unlike other sleeves, are not meant to mimic a pussy. [The opening itself is nondescript. It isn’t a mold of a vulva or an ass, just a hole.] Instead they’re meant to maximize the pleasure by stimulating the head of a penis.

Using the Flip Hole

Without any prior sleeve experience, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The first time I used it, I used the “real” lube, which has a very natural consistency. Insertion is not possible unless I was completely erect and putting some lube at the entrance to the Flip Hole. The entry hole is small, so lubrication is recommended. Due to my anatomy, insertion was a bit hard (no pun intended). I’m somewhat thick and about average length. Once I was fully engulfed in the Flip Hole, the TPE that is not encased in the plastic was split apart due to my thickness. This did not take away any pleasure I got from the Flip Hole.

My cock is circumcised so the head isn’t super sensitive, but I still got a lot of pleasure from the Flip Hole. It was better than anything I’ve felt before, and my orgasms reflected that. As far as physical feelings, the Flip Hole black gets a 10.

Tenga Flip Hole BlackI tried the “mild” lube once and I felt like George from “Seinfeld” opening the condom. The lube is quite thick so it took a while to come out of the small tube.

Unfortunately, there’s more to a toy than just the feeling that is received from it. When using the Flip Hole solo, a masturbation session becomes a lot more involved than stroking with your hand. After getting ready, you have to apply the lube, slide on the cap to keep it closed, and before you can have fun (and lots of it!) with the Flip Hole.

When you’re done, you have to give the Flip Hole some aftercare – no more rolling over and relaxing or dozing off. The Flip Hole is not a disposable/one-time use sleeve [like a Tenga egg] so cleaning it right away is highly recommended – warm water works well. Mild soap can be used if needed. [The case is also meant to use as drying rack; see photo.] Eventually the Flip Hole will reach the end of its lifespan when the TPE starts to turn color or smell. I’ve read it should last about 50 uses, but other sources say about a year, so YMMV.

Final Thoughts on the Flip Hole

While the Flip Hole isn’t the most “laid back” toy on the market for guys, the amazing feeling it provides makes up for that. I hope that my Flip Hole lasts a year, not 50 uses. It would be a wonderful toy to use with a partner to share the prep work and/or aftercare.

I’d give the Flip Hole black a solid 8.5, because of the preparation and aftercare involved. Masturbation should be relaxing, in my opinion, and this takes away some of that relaxation.

I asked my friend whether he would be interested in trying other sleeves now having this experience under his belt (yes, another pun) and if he would shell out his own hard earned dolla dolla bills on one and he said yes to both. Sweet!

Last bits of info you need to know about the Tenga Flip Hole

Since the Flip Hole comes with a few small tubes of lube you may want to snag another bottle to go along with it. I’d recommend sticking to the water-based ones by Sliquid like Sassy or H2O.

The Tenga Flip Hole is priced at $90 at SheVibe. Yes, it’s on the pricier end, but if you take good care of it, it’ll last you a nice while. On the flip side (hehe), it is not a toy that is meant to last forever, so that might factor into your purchasing. Sometimes SheVibe will have a stroker or Tenga specific sale, so keep abreast of those via my sales and deals page. SheVibe does have free shipping on orders over $75 (in the US), just FYI.

Big thanks to SheVibe for sending me (us) the Tenga Flip Hole for review!

If you are interested in getting the Tenga Flip Hole Black, I invite you to clear your cookies before clicking through the links above. To browse the rest of SheVibe’s extensive store click the banner below.

SheVibe Vibe Responsibly

[I was given the Tenga Flip Hole Black for free in exchange for my unbiased review.]

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