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Crash Pad Series Episode 219: Chocolate Chip and Eros LaFemme

First, before I share my thoughts on Episode 219, I have to say that I really appreciate that Crash Pad has encouraged this new wave of Sex Educators Review Porn. You should definitely check out the hashtag #SexEdPornReviews on Twitter as well as their blog posts for past episodes. 

Secondly, I’ve totally slacked on my monthly reviewing of Crash Pad Episodes and I apologize. I have, however, participated in several of the #SexEdPornReviews. To be totally fair, all of my reviewing is super backed up. I have alternately been busy, dealing with family issues, traveling to teach, busy with volunteer work, and just generally not feeling in the mood to deal with trying and analyzing sex toys or porn beyond what gets me off. Hey, I’m human, too. Reviewing is a lot of fun; I enjoy being critical about products and it’s easy to burn out on it. I’m hoping to get back on the wagon, as it were very soon.

In the meantime, here are some of my thoughts on Episode 219 of Crash Pad.


Can I rave about the timeliness of the description of this episode? I’m a geek and I’ve been playing Pokemon Go (don’t judge me!), so I loved the nod to that.

A wild Eros has appeared! Chocolate Chip uses Magic Wand.

06-04-16_chocolatechip_eros_1I found the juxtaposition of their outfits’ colors to be an interesting contrast. With Eros LaFemme in pastel pinks (Hello Kitty panties, adorbs!) and Chocolate Chip clad all in black, it was a mixture of playful and austere which I find encompasses the vast spectrum of BDSM.

Not a word was spoken until about 20 minutes into the episode. Talking can be super hot, but silence is equally, if not more, erotic. It’s so rare to see examples of silent dominance that it stands so strongly. As Eros says in the Behind the Scenes video, the silence allows for the mind to fill in the gaps.

The care with which Chocolate Chip undoes the scarf which was serving as blindfold to redo it in Eros LaFemme’s hair was an amazing piece of aftercare and closure. 

The Behind the Scenes from this episode was incredibly insightful. I was surprised to hear that Chocolate Chip thought she was clumsy in places, since it looked so smooth and seamless to me. (Of course there is at least some movie magic in the editing.) That self-perception really resonated with me as a bottom-heavy switch who has topped a bit. I’ve also wondered how to smoothly transition from one activity to another and not lose my bottom’s attention.

One other thing I’ve noticed in several Crash Pad BTS interviews (I haven’t watched every episode…yet…) is that it seems to be more and more common for folks to say communication is an important part of their safer sex practices. It’s kind of a “duh” moment and I find it intriguing to include that alongside the usual litany of regular STI testing, barrier methods, and birth control.

There’s more I could say, but I’d just be spoiling it for you! So, just go get a Crash Pad membership already and you can watch all this yummy goodness. 

This episode is included among other videos suggested in “Queer Porn for ‘Vanilla’ Lovers: Soft, Sweet, and Sensual.”

Heads up! You can catch Crash Pad’s live stream when they are filming from time to time, but you need to be a member!

Big thanks to the folks at Crash Pad for letting me review their work! I love what they do and I can’t wait to review some more!

If you need hot queer, ethical, feminist porn in your life – and you do – including this episode and tons more, click the links in this review or the banner below.

Crash Pad Queer Porn

[I received a subscription to Crash Pad for free in exchange for my honest review.]

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