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What I Learned from a Month of Daily Orgasmic Yoga

At the beginning of May, it was my intention to do a daily practice of Orgasmic Yoga

Somehow, I managed to stick it out the entire 31 days. I did a practice of about 30 minutes each night and if I told you that every night was orgasms, fun, and I was fully present the entire time, I’d be lying. It is a vastly different experience to stay present on my own versus in the group Orgasmic Yogas I’ve been facilitating. Being in a group has its own unique, dynamic energy that I find holds me accountable to the intentions I set.

There were some days during my daily practice where I had absolutely no connection to the sensual or erotic in the least. There were times I was in deep pain, emotionally, physically, but I committed myself to the practice. To show up, as is, and do what I could. It wasn’t always about touching my genitals and getting off. There was at least one night where it was all I could do to follow along on a meditation app I have on my phone, to try and help me through a very angry, helpless situation I was dealing with. 

For a majority of the time, I was able to be present (which also has its difficulties), to play with my arousal, to make some affirmations visual. I drew on my thighs in sharpie marker some words I felt about myself and wanted a visual reminder. 

I experimented with breath, with positions, with sensations. I even did a vulva exploration in a mirror, which was amazing; I hadn’t done that in way too long. There was a lot of items on the menu to choose from. 

Ultimately, the point of Orgasmic Yoga is to use breath, movement, sound, touch, placement of attention, and setting of intentions to weave into your self pleasuring practices, moving away from outside stimulus like porn and fantasy. Mindful masturbation. Sensual exploration. Really taking the time, the scenic route, to see if you can find new things to enjoy, or that may arouse you, or that you don’t like. It’s all learning.

Having a surefire way (or several) that get you to an orgasm is great, but as cheesy as it sounds, it’s the journey that’s important, not just the destination. 

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