No (Thigh) Gaps

FebPhotoFest 2016 Day29

It’s Leap Day! So I wanted to take another pic for FebPhotoFest of my legs and, of course, sexy knee socks. 

Part of this, also, is that I’ve been really loving my thighs, in total contrast of most of my life where I have hated them. I want to share the body positivity and hopefully empower others to love themselves – especially the parts they think are flawed.

This is my twenty-ninth, and final, entry in February Photo Fest 2016! Click the image below to check out the other bloggers who also took part in this challenge.

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  1. Whoop! Well done you for completing the February Photofest Challenge again. I am so glad you decided to join in this year and I hope you have enjoyed it.

    I love your final image but then I have a real thing for socks!


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