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Review: Crash Pad Series Episode 131: April Flores’ solo

CrashPadSeries Episode 131AF

Episode 131 was the first Crash Pad episode I’d ever seen. 

There’s something intensely validating in getting to watch porn that features a performer with a body that looks similar to mine. 

Many of the Crash Pad’s episodes hold this element of exhibitionism and voyeurism that I don’t recall seeing in more mainstream porn. In Episode 131, April Flores breaks down that fourth wall right from the get-go when she acknowledges that the “Key Master” is watching, so she puts on a show. 

I can’t help but imagine that if I had a well decorated room with a comfy bed and all the time in the wold, that I also would basically fuck myself in a similar way. 

Without giving any spoilers, this solo scene was deliciously sensual. April takes her time playing with some toys. (The njoy Pure Wand and The Magic Wand Original.) She makes some delightful moans which, in my opinion, perfectly toe the line of sexy and adorable. It is incredibly hot.

I love that her imperfections are celebrated. April is a gorgeous BBW – belly, cellulite thighs and all – and she’s hot as hell. Her fun, playful, naughty personality shone through as she talks to the viewer. Is it us? Or just the Key Master? Maybe both? But I really felt as though I were in on it. Like April was performing for me. 

The behind the scenes was both hot and very intriguing. The interview portion gave some great insight into this episode in particular and into Crash Pad as a whole. 

There’s also this very useful favorites option. Bookmark episodes you want to watch, filter them by type of sex (anal, BDSM, strap-on, etc.), and search in the search box. You get to save all those videos in one place so you can keep track of your favorite scenes! Brilliant! 

Big thanks to the folks at Crash Pad for letting me review their work! I love what you do and I can’t wait to review some more!

If you need hot queer, ethical, feminist porn in your life, including this episode and many others, click the links in this review or the banner below.


[I received a one month subscription to Crash Pad for free in exchange for my honest review.]


  1. Crash Pad Series (@CrashPadSeries)

    Thanks for the smashing review! 🙂

    1. DrVixenne (Post author)

      My pleasure! More to come! 😉


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