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Dr. Vixenne’s Top 10 Favorites of 2015

This list could have been much, much longer, but I wanted to keep it to the faves I’ve (re)discovered over the past year or so. I invite you to scope out my review index if you’d like to read all the reviews I’ve done. At the end of the month, I’ll have been reviewing for two years! How the time flies!

If you have enjoyed reading my writing and reviews (and if you want more in the new year!) I invite you to please clear your cookies before clicking my links. When you purchase through the links I’ve provided you’re supporting the work I do as well as some really great companies that I believe in and all of this at no extra cost to you!

These are my top 10 picks of 2015. I’ve tried all of them and reviewed most of them. And so in no particular order…

Sliquid LubricantFirstly, lube!

Sliquid is the bee’s knees. I had the awesome opportunity to branch out of my usual Sliquid routine when I reviewed Good Clean Love’s Almost Naked water-based lube. I really liked it, but it has not completely replaced Sliquid which is my go-to for just about everything. My two faves are Sassy and Silk. Both are lovely for butt play (especially Sassy). Sassy is compatible with all the silicone toys. Silk is fantastic for just about everything. Their flavored varieties are body-safe and taste quite good, too.

All of the shops I’m affiliated with carry Sliquid, ’cause they’re all awesome! Prices will range from about $1.25 to upwards of $24 depending on size and variety.

Get Sliquid lubes at: Good Vibrations, Peepshow Toys, SheVibe, Stockroom, and Tantus.

LE CRAVE Duet FlexNext, things that vibrate!

The first vibrator for this list is one I have not yet had a chance to review. I won it in an online contest back in April 2015. It’s the CRAVE Duet Flex. As it turns out, mine is a Limited Edition programmable version. It has become one of my go-to clitoral vibes. It’s small and strong with a huge range of vibrations.

Other versions of Flex and Duet Flex also have multiple settings and speeds. And! This is super cool, Vesper by CRAVE is a wearable vibrator which is not only stylish, it actually feels surprisingly strong!

CRAVE items will range anywhere from about $70 to $150 depending on the vibe.

You can snag vibrators by CRAVE at Good Vibrations and SheVibe.

Magic Wand RechargeableThe next two toys in this section are among my most recent reviews. 

The Magic Wand Rechargeable. It is the newest, upgraded iteration of the fabulous classic “Hitachi” Magic Wand. You can read my entire review, of course, but long story short, the MWRC is cordless and is a lot more versatile than its siblings. There are four steady settings and four patterns. The head is now silicone. It’s awesome.

The Magic Wand Rechargeable is definitely on the pricey side, almost $125, but it’s an all around fantastic device. If you don’t have the Original Magic Wand, this is a great investment. 

Several of my affiliates carry the MWRC, but I would love it if you could get yours from Good Vibes since they are the ones who sent me mine.

Rocks-Off RO-JiraThe final vibratory item on my list is the Rocks-Off RO-Jira. I was really surprised at how much I liked this vibrator. Add to that the incredible battery lasting power (nearly 5 hours on high!), that RO-Jira can be used clitorally as well as for penetration, and that it’s got a slew of settings, it’s a solid vibe. You can read the rest of my review here. Did I mention that it’s rechargeable and covered in a silky silicone? 

Get the Rocks-Off RO-Jira at Good Vibrations for $90.


Okay, so technically more than half my list is an insertable (if you include RO-Jira). I’m dividing the insertables into three parts. First, the Pure Wand, because it deserves it’s own section. Then two Tantus dildos and two Tantus butt plugs. 

FebPhotoFest2015 Day 23The njoy Pure Wand. If you haven’t heard of this masterpiece of craftsmanship, you’re either super new to the sex toy arena, or you’ve been living under a rock.

I have not reviewed the Pure Wand, but it did get a mention in my post on squirting. This is a solid piece of smooth steel. It’s heavy and it suits g-spots and p-spots alike. It is the toy if you are a person with a vulva who wants to learn to ejaculate. I cannot recommend this one enough. Few toys satisfy in the way that the njoy Pure Wand can.

You can get an njoy Pure Wand at Good Vibrations ($110), SheVibe ($100), Peepshow Toys ($110 – 10% off w/code VIXEN=$99), and Stockroom ($94). 

Now for the two Tantus dildos. I could rave all damn day long about Tantus. I will praise their silicone til the cows come home. I can talk about all of my favorites, but for brevity’s sake I’m reining it in to just two. (For all of my reviews you can check out my index.) I’m breaking it down to pricey (over $100) and not too pricey (under $50). 

Tantus Adam O2_wmTantus Adam O2. Possibly my favorite of the dual density toys that I’ve tried so far. It’s girthy, has some decent length to it, is delightfully firm and squishy, and has that slight upward curve which is just lovely for some g-spot action. You can read my entire review, of course. 

I absolutely adore Adam. A couple of my affiliates do carry it, but I’d appreciate if you stick to getting yours from Tantus because they are the ones who sent it to me for review. 

At nearly $110, Adam is a little bit pricey, but through 12/31/15 enter code BELL20 for 20% off orders $100+ and save 20%! (And if you’re reading this after that date, check my sales & deals page as there often are sales going on at Tantus.)

Tantus Sport (3)_frame_wmNow for my under $50 insertable: the Tantus Sport. This one came as a shock to me when I did a comparative review (Sport vs. Slow Drive) in 2014.

Sport is slim and unassuming. It’s not particularly long either (there is a long version). But something about it has me coming back time and again. It’s lovely for some g-spot or p-spot stimulation, it can even get a bit of a-spot action as well. The tear drop base is awesome for keeping it in the direction I want it to go. What else can I say? It’s Tantus’ yummy, glossy silicone which glides deliciously in and out. 

Again, a couple of my affiliates do carry Sport, but since Tantus sent it to me for review, I’d appreciate if you get your Sport at Tantus. Sport is $42 which is a steal when you consider that Tantus silicone can last you a lifetime. 

Two more insertables! Time for the butt stuff!

Butt plugs are awesome but sometimes they can be a little daunting. Ultimately practice, patience, and lube are your best friends in this arena. Also, not jumping ahead to ginormous toys before you’re ready. (I’ve certainly struggled with the “my eyes are bigger than my asshole” problem.)

Perfect PlugEnter, quite literally, the Tantus Perfect Plug. Another amazing Tantus creation that I will recommend to anal novices. It’s super slim, a silky silicone, with a very comfortable “anchor” base. It’s probably not going to do much for prostates, but the Perfect Plug is wonderful if you are just starting to explore butt play, or you need to scale back to slimmer toys. You can read my full review here

You can (clearly) get the Perfect Plug through my Tantus links, but SheVibe sent it to me for review. If you’d like to get the Tantus Perfect Plug please head to SheVibe where it is under $25. 

Tantus Neo Butt PlugThe final Tantus toy for my list (Can I help it if I love this company?) is the Neo Plug. This was a review I put off for some time. Neo seemed insurmountable. When I finally got around to trying it out, I felt relieved, accomplished, and thrilled. 

Neo is a beginner to intermediate plug. It’s completely smooth, tapered, with the comfy “anchor” base. It definitely makes you aware of your anus and will fill you up, but if you’re looking for something prostate specific, this might not do it for you.

Again, you can get the Neo plug at a couple of my affiliates, but I received it from Tantus directly, so it’d be great if you get your Neo at Tantus where it is just under $40!

Last, but certainly not least, a Party Favorite!

Neon WandE-Stim! Specifically in the form of the Neon Wand! I have not reviewed this one, but I received it for my birthday back in 2014 (Thanks to my sister!) and it’s become a party favorite. Lots of people aren’t sure how they feel about electricity play before they try it out. It’s kind of scary, and might be a soft or a hard limit for many. It was for me.

But like many things under the kink umbrella, the Neon Wand has a range. It’s got a dial that can create sensations from as low as a tickle and cranked up to some serious zaps. The various attachments also create a vast range of sensations depending how broad or pinpoint they are.

The Neon Wand is put out by KinkLab which is made by Stockroom. It comes in white and red and black. The electrodes come in red or purple. The Neon Wands run about $150. The white one is about $111 right now during Stockroom’s SeXmas Sale

I hope that this list was interesting and helpful to you! If you’d like to keep abreast of my posts and goings on, sign up to have posts sent to your inbox and to receive my monthly-ish emails via my right sidebar! Be sure to also bookmark my sales and deals page which I update several times a week, especially on Fridays. 



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