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Review: Good Clean Love’s Love Oils Set

Good Clean Love Love Oils and LubeScent is one of the senses that are mostly deeply tied in with memories. I still pause, memories rushing back, when I take a whiff of one of the perfumes I wore when I was with my last long term boyfriend.

These days, I’m not much for adding on perfumes. Once in a while, I might spritz on a perfume, or use one of my trusty roller balls by DKNY, but I hardly ever remember to use them, or they’re for times I’m going out to an event or on a date and want to feel that extra bit of sexiness. Add to that, I have a picky nose.

With all this in mind, I was actually looking forward to testing out the Love Oils from Good Clean Love. I know they value organic products and keep their formulas body-safe, sans parabens.

Good Clean Love Love Oil descriptions To try and get a broader picture of what their oils are like, I requested the gift set so I could sample three scents. The scents that come in the gift set currently are Caribbean RoseIndian Spice, and Origins. I have included screenshots of the scent descriptions from Good Clean Love’s site. The set comes in a trio of 1/3 fl oz bottles – great for your carry on if you travel, and they come in 4 oz individual bottles as well.

One of the downsides I noticed in having roller balls is they aren’t very conducive to an amount that would be used if you wanted to give someone a massage. On the other hand, the roller balls were quite handy for a quick roll on of scent. I found this particularly effective for running it along my cleavage or behind my ears.

My favorite of the three was the Indian Spice. It’s warm, spicy, kind of cinnamon-y, and clove-y. It just made me feel yummier. Next, I (kind of) liked the Caribbean Rose. I’m not a huge fan of rose scents over all, but it wasn’t so bad. My least favorite was Origins. It really and truly smelled like ground pepper to me, which was unappealing. To each their own.

The scents didn’t seem to linger for very long, being quickly absorbed into my skin.

I think this can be a fun scent experiment with a partner and perhaps a blindfold. Guessing the scent, seeing how the layers of aroma change depending on who is wearing it, could be the beginning of a fun evening.

I wouldn’t recommend the love oils to be used on anus or vulva, as oils, particularly essential oils can be irritating. And because they are oils, they are probably not latex condom compatible. So be smart while having fun, sexy times.

As of this posting, the 3 bottle gift set is $19.99 at SheVibe and the 4 oz individual bottles are $18.99 each. In some ways it makes more sense to get the 3 mini bottles, but if you are leaning toward one scent over the others, it may be a good investment to just snag the one.

Good Clean Love has an array of lubes, body oils, and other products. Check out my review of their Almost Naked water-based lube.

Major thanks to the folks at Good Clean Love for sending me the Love Oils trio to try out!

To snag this Love Oils trio, head on over to SheVibe!

[I received Good Clean Love’s Love Oils Set for free in exchange for my honest review.]

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