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TBT: Summer Memories

FebPhotoFest 2015 day 26

I finally got smart and remembered that I can do a Throwback Thursday. This photo was taken in Santa Barbara over the summer. Such a fun day!

I love this image so much because I’m so happy, full of body confidence, and I’m totally in the moment. What could be wrong with that? Funnily enough (or sadly) I got plenty of hate when I shared this image on my various social media accounts. Clearly I’m promoting an unhealthy lifestyle (that was heavily sarcastic, if you are unsure). The idea of a fat person being happy in their skin is terrifying for a lot of people.

This is my 26th entry in February Photo Fest 2015! Please click the image below to check out other bloggers who are taking part in this challenge.

February Photo Fest 2015

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