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FebPhotoFest2015 Day 19

Here we go. You get to see me at one of my most vulnerable. Is it sexy or sensual or erotic? Probably not in a general sense.

Today a few things triggered me into remembering my dad. (He died suddenly almost six years ago.) I’m not always brought to tears when I think of him, and I think of him pretty often. So I snapped a photo as a tear rolled down my face. No makeup. The only edits I did were exposure and brightness related.

This has nothing to do with sexuality, but everything to do with me, Victoria, as a whole person. Dildo reviewer, sexological bodyworker, etc. – Sure I am often quite fun and happy-go-lucky, but I am multifaceted. I ache, I grieve, I yearn. I am whole. I am the totality of my life experiences and all the people I have been fortunate to meet.

It’s day 19 of the February Photo Fest 2015. Click the image below to check out other bloggers who are taking part in this challenge.

February Photo Fest 2015

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