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My Notebook

FebPhotoFest Day 9

Possibly one of the most subtly, sexy items in my life – my notebook. I’ve had this one for over a year and it’s finally full. I’ve used it for personal journals, brainstorming blog posts and reviews, note taking at conferences and classes, and lots more. I’ve covered it in cool stickers which seriously make me happy (and I love seeing the looks on people’s faces when I whip my notebook out at a Starbucks).

The only thing slightly sexier is that I have a completely blank notebook waiting to be filled with my writing, inspiration, and ideas.

This post is my ninth entry in February Photo Fest 2015! Please click the image below to check out other bloggers who are taking part in this challenge.

February Photo Fest 2015

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  1. Molly

    There is nothing quite like a new notebook…. oh the potential



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