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Ramping Up

FebPhotoFest Day5_2If she looked a little bored, that’s because she was. The small zaps of electricity, the buzzing sound were all well and good, but she wanted to feel a bit more. She craved the sharp zings that send shivers down her spine, and made her dissolve in howling, shrieking fits of laughter.

She’s smart enough to know it’s better to be a little bored during play and have it slowly ramp up from a 1 or 2 than to start out at a 10 and be actually in pain.

The Neon Wand has a vast range of possible sensations. Sometimes less is more.

[Please note: Do not play with the Neon Wand directly over the heart and avoid contact with metal.] 

This post is my fifth entry in February Photo Fest 2015! Please click the image below to check out other bloggers who are taking part in this challenge.

February Photo Fest 2015

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  1. Molly

    Love the glow of it on your skin and the way it is throwing up a bit of light into your face



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