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Review: Rocks Off Quiver Vibrating Anal Plug

Confession time: My eyes are bigger than my asshole. This has to be one of my first real disappointments since I started reviewing toys. Sure there have been toys that sucked, but that’s annoying more than anything else. What happens when I’m presented with a toy that is pretty awesome, made of lovely, body-safe materials, but I just cannot get my anatomy to work with it?

Rocks Off Quiver with ruler_wmSo this is the story of the Rocks Off Quiver Butt Plug. I’m sad to say I’ve only been able to get it in me once, and not for long. My ass is out of practice. Reach is a bit of a challenge, too. There’s no reason to skirt the issue: Trying to use a butt plug with a voluptuous belly is tough. Still, I managed in that sense.

Another thing is, I’ve been sitting on this review for several months. (I hate admitting that, but life, and family situations don’t always lend themselves to comfortable spaces in which to spend the time it takes to review.) Good Vibes’ Andy has been so understanding about this and I appreciate him more than I can say! So rather than waiting for the “perfect” time, when my body decides to cooperate with my schedule, which is never going to happen, I’m writing this review keeping in mind that I have not been 100% successful in using the Quiver Plug.

IMG_9276_1_wmIn this most recent trial I took my time, kept breathing, warmed up with some water-based lube, breathed some more, managed to get a gloved finger in, followed by two. So there I was, thinking I was ready  for the Quiver. I lubed it up. I went super slowly. And I never did get it past the widest part. I stopped before it started to hurt.

This is non-negotiable: Butt play is never supposed to hurt. It might be a little uncomfy because it’s new, or you need practice, but actual pain is not okay. Pain is the body’s defense mechanism. In the case of butt exploration, it means you’re moving too quickly, or you need to add more lube, or the position is not quite right.

Did I ever get the Quiver Plug all the way in? If I recall correctly, I did. That was around the time I first received it back in early September. What has changed between now and then? What can I tell you? All bodies are different and bodies change all the time. I’ve avoided writing up this review because I’ve felt guilty that I haven’t had as many trial runs as I would like. And I felt a bit guilty that I couldn’t get it all the way in again. Who wants to read a review about someone not getting a butt plug in?

The thing is, though, that I love this toy. I stand by it. Perhaps with some more time, patience, and practice I will be able to take it fully someday. Meanwhile, let me tell you why I love the Rocks Off Quiver even if I can’t take it all the way in my ass.

Rocks Off Quiver (5)wmThe silicone. Reviewers rave about silicone. It’s great stuff – easy to clean and care for.  We’ll go on rants about how much of a lint magnet a toy was. The Quiver is so not a lint magnet, I think it might even repel lint. Okay, that’s clearly an exaggeration. It collects some, but for the most part, it’s not an issue. It’s a buttery, matte silicone. I want more toys with this silky texture in my life.

The plug part (not including the stem) is solid without much give. It’s a little bit bendy in the tip, but the widest part is fairly unyielding. The neck is hollow and very bendy unless you keep the vibrating bullet in.

One thing I really didn’t care for is the curved tip. It’s “meant” for prostates. Make of that what you will. I sort of regret not asking for the Rocks Off Throb. According to the specs, Throb is exactly the same size as Quiver. Both are 3 inches insertable and 1 ⅝” in diameter at the widest part. I have no way of knowing (unless I review the Throb someday), but I think the fact that Throb’s tip is not curved might have been helpful in insertion. Maybe not.

Rocks Off Quiver (7)wmOther things you need to know about the Quiver Plug:

The base is about 4″ long from tip to tip (might be important for some folks). The bullet that comes with it is surprisingly powerful. It’s buzzy as all hell (usually negative for me), but through the silicone, it doesn’t feel half bad. There are three steady modes of increasing speed and 4 patterns. Press once to turn it on and hold it down for a couple seconds to shut it off.

Quiver Collage_wmQuiver comes with a dust bag, a booklet with instructions and (amusing!) warnings. This booklet also is a brochure with full-colored photos of what seems to be Rocks Off’s whole line. Unnecessary, but hey, I dig the tattoo-art.

Care and Cleaning Quiver:

Soap and warm water, ought to do it, but toy cleaner works, too. Take out the bullet vibrator before you place it in the dishwasher, boil it, or spray a 1 part bleach to 9 parts water solution

Ringing in at $44, I think this is a solid butt plug. I would just say keep in mind the measurements. As it is a bit more to the “medium sized” end of the butt toy spectrum, Quiver might not be for beginners. 

Thank you to Good Vibes for the opportunity to try out the Quiver plug. If you’d like to get one of your own, you can do so from any of the links above. To browse the rest of Good Vibrations extensive shop, click the banner below!

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[I received the Rocks Off Quiver Plug for free in exchange for an unbiased review.]

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