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Trusting the Process; My Journal & Musings #1 – Manicures & Masturbation

This is the first of many journal-esque entries about my personal journey in sex, sexuality, relationships, and related topics. The phrase “trust the process” is something we would say in a couple of the courses at school (IASHS) when ideas (or other students) triggered us, or if we weren’t being challenged enough. Sometimes it’ll be about more serious personal discoveries and other times I will share light-hearted thoughts about whatever.

In this first volume of musings, I want to vent about the conflict of being “girly” and how that gets in the way of things I normally take for granted.

I must have been masturbating almost exclusively with a vibrator for the majority of the recent weeks. In retrospect, I can see it now, and it makes sense. I was also working on reviewing some sex toys. As happens when I’m reviewing (or just using) purely penetrative toys, I tend to add in clitoral stimulation. Often, that happens by way of one of my favorite vibrators.

Well, this must have been going on for a bit. And in a somewhat unrelated, parallel part of my life, I’ve taken to doing one super girly thing over the past few months: getting gel manicures. Don’t judge me! They’re gorgeous and a lot of fun! They’re also quite durable (I can wash dishes right after getting them.) and last a few weeks. Most recently I planned on doing something Valentine’s Day themed. I spent hours on Pinterest (not consecutively) pinning manicure ideas. In the end, I thought they came out super cute!

Valentine Mani

My Valentine’s Day Inspired Manicure

Okay, so you might be asking yourself: Where’s the problem? Well, between my fabulous manicures and relying a lot on vibrators, I kind of spaced out on the fact that for manual masturbation (just fingers) long nails might not be the best choice. Recent partnered interactions brought this realization to the fore. It just wasn’t going as smoothly as I remembered it. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not going to skip out on this beauty indulgence, but I will reacquaint myself with a shorter nail length.

New short manicure. I can get used to this!

New short manicure. I can get used to this!

Long story short: Sexologists are human, too.

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