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Switch Things Up! Keep It Fresh! (Masturbation May)

Has it been a whole year already? Masturbation month has finally rolled back around! So let’s challenge ourselves to do a whole month of masturbation practice!

I’m totally serious!

Whether you are partnered – monogamous or polyamorous, or living the single life by choice or circumstance, everyone can benefit from masturbation.

  • It is a great reliever of stress;
  • Masturbation is a way to wake up or get relaxed;
  • It’s a way to pass the time;
  • Masturbation can be fun on your own, or with a partner, or in a group setting;
  • Self-pleasuring can be a time to try out something new like some different strokes or a toy.

Since this is the start of May, it could be a really fun challenge to do something a little different each day.

  • Try using your non-dominant hand;
  • Get out that toy that you rarely use;
  • Self-pleasure in the shower or bath;
  • Masturbate in front of a mirror;
  • Vary your position.

There are 31 days to discover new possibilities and sensations. Mix it up! The goal does not have to be to have an orgasm, just to experiment and experience sensations every day of the month. Have fun with it! And don’t forget to breathe!


  1. emmeunrestrained

    Reblogged this on emmeunrestrained and commented:
    Hmm…. I’m more for “Masturbation Millennium” as May is just one month of the year and I like to masturbate in all the months and all the years 😉 but if you are the type who limits your options, then check out the post and try some of her ideas (they’re all fun) and then make up some of your own…

  2. writingthebody

    you make it sounds sexy….thank you. I love doing it….and have posted on it before.


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